Guest Post: Mental Health Depicted In Current Television

Current television’s role in mass media carries considerable clout when it comes to informing and shaping public perceptions. Characters portrayed on the screen can quickly become stereotypes when certain themes keep repeating from show to show. Unfortunately, this appears to be the case with current television’s depiction of mental illness.

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How Spoilers Can Be Used As An Effective Marketing Technique

When it comes to engrossing television, we’re living in a golden age of must-see series. From praying our favourite characters don’t get killed in Game of Thrones, to watching Brummies take on the Mafia in Peaky Blinders, we’ve come to expect our emotions being toyed with on a regular basis. Streaming services like Netflix provide us with access to shows that people are raving about, so it’s little wonder the weekend is spent binging on an entire series.

When a show becomes popular enough, there’s always the risk of having it spoiled. Anyone who read the A Song of Ice and Fire book series had a good idea where Game of Thrones was heading up until a couple of seasons ago. We might say we don’t like a show being spoiled, but it doesn’t stop people speculating on the future of a story or information from being leaked.

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Sons Of Anarchy: Redwood Original: Vol 2 Review: Youth In Revolt

When a TV show gets a cult following, it can lead to a number of spin-offs being developed. Sons of Anarchy is a good example, with a comic series being created to highlight Jax Teller’s early days with the club. Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original: Vol Two, written by Ollie Masters, centres on the first year of Jax’s life with the MC. As a prospect, Jax is hungry to prove himself and earn respect in the eyes of men he’s always looked up to. But past mistakes have led to him losing his patch and being cast out. The second volume deals with him trying to regain his place, resulting in a fast-paced graphic novel that echoes the thrills of the original show.

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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Review: A Return To Form With High Stakes And Brutal Consequences For The Shelbys

Since it aired in 2013, Peaky Blinders has become one of the most popular British shows to come out in years. Netflix has helped it reach a worldwide audience and the fourth season is set to be released by the streaming service. Season 4 recently aired in the UK and it featured all the violence and grimy glamour that fans have come to expect. Tommy Shelby faces a new enemy unlike any he’s dealt with before. Worse of all, the Shelby family are divided after last season’s heart-stopping ending. With threats on all sides, Tommy needs to go back to his roots if he wants to survive. The Comic Vault presents a spoiler free review of Season 4.

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The Pop Culture Playlist: Jax Teller

The Pop Culture Playlist uses music to describe a character, and the latest edition features Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. Jax is the epitome of an anti-hero who started off with the best intentions, but ultimately fell into darkness. He struggled to reconcile his outlaw lifestyle with being a good father. Here is the tragic tale of the SAMCRO President told through ten tracks.

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What Makes Silence Golden To Black Bolt?

With the recent trailer debut of Inhumans, Marvel is set to have another show that comic fans can tune into. When the Inhumans were created, they were a relatively obscure race, but in recent years they have been pushed into the spotlight. The most prominent member is the king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. So, what are his powers and what makes him one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe?

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The Evolution Of Blade

The idea of the vampire has developed considerably since the days of Stoker, whether through the medium of television or film. In recent years comics and graphic novels have served as a popular method to introducing the supernatural. One of the most enduring comic vampires is Blade The Vampire Hunter, a character who has transcended into film and TV.

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