Collaborate With The Comic Vault

The Comic Vault is a hub for indie comics and underrated characters. I understand how difficult it can be for indie authors to get their work out there, which is why The Comic Vault accepts review and product requests. I’m also happy to contribute to other pop culture websites, on the understanding that what I write will be shared among your following so we can grow our traffic together.

I’m also happy to discuss including affiliate links or writing sponsored posts for a reasonable price.

The Comic Vault is open to collaborating around the following items:

I don’t discriminate when it comes to subject matter, but the kind of comics I’m interested in reading are:

  • Comics with strong female leads
  • Comics with western settings
  • Crime/noir related comics
  • Supernatural themed comics

Feel free to send a query email explaining your comic and I’ll be happy to look it over.

All of my reviews are honest and balanced. If you’d like your comic or product reviewed then email me at or use the contact form.

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