Who Has The Comic Vault Worked With?

The Comic Vault features on Feedspot’s Top 75 Comic Blogs list.

In addition to being a blogger, I’m a professional copywriter that creates unique content for different brands. I specialise in helping small businesses reach a wider audience. Examples of businesses I’ve worked with are included below:



Comic Kitchen: Geralt of Rivia – Polish Food At Platzki In Manchester

Eat New York

Comic Kitchen: Daredevil – American Food At Eat New York In Manchester


Comic Kitchen: Jubulile Van Scotter – South African food at Chakalaka In Manchester

Push Doctor

Superhero Mentality – Polaris 

Better Help – Therapy services

Looking Into The Benefits Of Comic Theraphy As A Method Of Self-Healing 

Could Ant-Man And Wasp’s Relationship Have Been Saved Through Counselling?

The High-Functioning Depressive: How Batman Copes With His Mental Health

If you’re interested in working together, contact me on ryderj09@yahoo.com and we can come up with something memorable for your business.

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