Investigating Vietnamese Identity With Karma And Her Status As An Important Superhero

Over the past few decades, Vietnam has become one of the most revitalised countries in the world. The Vietnam War left its mark and the political landscape changed forever. A comic character that represents the struggles of the Vietnamese is Karma. She was among the boat people who fled the country after the rise of Communism. As a culturally important superhero, Karma is a representation of Vietnamese resilience. A founding member of the New Mutants, Karma is one of the most believable X-Men characters. Continue reading “Investigating Vietnamese Identity With Karma And Her Status As An Important Superhero”


What Makes Sunfire A Symbol For Post-WW2 Japan?

Japan features some of the most distinctive superheroes in the world, particularly in the Marvel Universe. The most famous is Sunfire, a mutant who stirs the same national pride as Captain America does in the USA. Shiro Yoshida has been a part of the X-Men, Avengers and Big Hero 6, highlighting his prominence. The character’s backstory has turned him into a symbol for post-WW2 Japan and I’m looking into Sunfire’s history to see what makes him so important.
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Isis And The Enduring Nature Of Egyptian Mythology In DC Comics

Comics have explored ancient mythology in great detail, featuring various characters linked to different pantheons. DC are known for favouring Egyptian mythology through characters like Hawkgirl and Black Adam. In particular, Adam has gained prominence as one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. A character linked to Adam’s legacy is Isis, though she has roots that extend back to the 1970s.

In her modern interpretation, Isis acted as a superhero who sowed for peace. But the connection she had to Black Adam corrupted her, making for an intriguing story. I’m looking into the history of the character to see how she developed. Continue reading “Isis And The Enduring Nature Of Egyptian Mythology In DC Comics”

Doctor Octopus And The Fear Of Failure In Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man has raised the bar for superheroes games, offering an experience that hasn’t been felt since the Batman Arkham series. What impressed me the most is the portrayal of Spider-Man’s cast of support characters, old and new. In particular, I found the characterisation of Doctor Octopus to be memorable. The game version had the perfect mix of pathos and narcissism, which is exactly what makes the character such a compelling antagonist for the web-slinger.

In this article, I’m exploring Octavius’ motivations. There will be spoilers, so bear that in mind if you haven’t played Spider-Man yet. Continue reading “Doctor Octopus And The Fear Of Failure In Marvel’s Spider-Man”

Experiencing The Student Life With Pixie And Her Steps To Graduation

Every year, many people go to university for the first time. Becoming a student is exciting because it’s a great chance to get some freedom and figure out who you want to be. The student journey is filled with uncertainty, hard work, laughter and friendship. A character who experienced the student life and came out stronger is Megan Gwynn, AKA Pixie.

Starting off as a student at the Xavier Institute, Pixie graduated into a full member of the X-Men. Getting to that position wasn’t easy and it involved a lot of growing up. Continue reading “Experiencing The Student Life With Pixie And Her Steps To Graduation”

The Sound Of Violence: Onomatopoeia And His Status As A Terrifying Villain

In the world of comics, there are plenty of iconic villains. Joker, Thanos, Doctor Doom, Darkseid. All of them have been established as characters that can destroy the world if given the chance. There are also villains who are content to stick to the shadows, carving out a quieter path to infamy. Onomatopoeia is one of those villains.

The character gets his name from imitating noises around him, like gunshots and dripping taps. On the page, the sound translated into speech bubble written in creepy font. Very little has been revealed about Onomatopoeia, with his face never being shown on panel. An enemy of Green Arrow and Batman, Onomatopoeia has a mystique that makes him scary as hell. Continue reading “The Sound Of Violence: Onomatopoeia And His Status As A Terrifying Villain”

Celebrating The History Of Manchester’s First Superhero Dan Dare

As a city, Manchester has some of the richest cultural history in the world. Industry and creativity are driving forces and it’s safe to say that I love the place I grew up in. The history extends to comics, as Manchester has its very own superhero in the form of Dan Dare. Considered to be the British answer to Buck Rogers, Dare is arguably one of the greatest sci-fi characters of all time. I’m looking into the character’s background to understand how he represents the soul of his home. Continue reading “Celebrating The History Of Manchester’s First Superhero Dan Dare”