Who Is Wolverine’s True Love?

As someone who’s lived for over a century, it’s only natural that Wolverine has been in love with many women. From Jean Grey, to Silver Fox, there have been many who’ve caught his interest. A common trait that binds these women is that they die tragically for being close to him. Some have survived, but their relationship with Logan has never been the same after. But out of all of them, who can be considered Wolverine’s true love? Here I examine some of the women he’s loved and lost and give my opinion on who holds that place in his heart.

As a boy in Canada, Logan’s first love was a girl named Rose O’Hara. She was a childhood companion, and though she didn’t feel the same way, she was impaled on his claws and killed. Silver Fox was a mutant who Wolverine loved in the early 1900s, until she was killed by Sabretooth. He loved a Japanese woman called Itsu in the 1940s and had a son with her called Daken. He also has an on and off relationship with a former assassin called Yukio who is the guardian of his adoptive daughter, Amiko.


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When I think of Wolverine I picture three major love interests for him: Mariko Yashida, Jean Grey and Storm. Each woman represents a different facet of his personality and responded to him in different ways. Wolverine met Mariko in Japan and fell in love with her over the course of several adventures. They became engaged and he was eventually forced to mercy kill her after she was poisoned. She represents a past love that Wolverine will always remember.

Wolverine’s relationship with Jean can best be described as one-sided. Although there was chemistry between them, Jean remained faithful to Cyclops. Logan has spent years pining for her, even after she died, but I would never describe her as his true love. Jean represents a love that could’ve been.


Logan and Storm have shared a deep bond for years. They’ve been team mates, friends and lovers. In the most recent Wolverine series leading up to his death, he and Storm were together. Storm is a woman who doesn’t need to be defined by a relationship. She’s powerful enough to take care of herself and is Wolverine’s equal in many things. Storm represents love in the present and a future that can be built.


Based on this, I believe Storm is his true love. Both of them have survived trauma that each other can relate to. Storm brings a stability that keeps Logan anchored to the X-Men. She is the kind of woman that gives him space when he needs to wander, but calls him out when he’s being distant. Storm is someone who can give him the peace he wants and there is no greater definition of love.

Love is about seeing someone at their best and worse. It’s about patience, sacrifice, fighting, screaming, understanding and bravery. Wolverine and Storm have that kind of relationship.



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15 thoughts on “Who Is Wolverine’s True Love?”

  1. Weren’t Storm and Wolverine also together in an episode of the animated series? If Black Panther still cared after the annullment or divorce with Storm, he’d might have some words lol


  2. Can anyone tell me what the name of comic or novel where he marries mariko yashida at the end? Its old and its more of a long comic it has a tan cover on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda. In canon, Logan and Mariko were never able to get married because of Mastermind’s manipulation. The build up to the wedding is chronicled in Uncanny X-Men #172-#173. There’s also a What If comic that focuses on an alternate story of them getting married. Maybe that’s the one you’re looking for.


  3. Great post. I have not followed the X-men universe in a while. Is Storm no longer with the Black Panther? I also read that Jean is slated to be revived…again. I wonder how Wolverine will be incorporated into that arc.


    1. The X-Men Universe does have a habit of changing a lot. Storm broke up with Black Panther and was in a relationship with Wolverine until his death. But Wolverine is alive again and Jean has been resurrected as well in X-Men Red, so Marvel seem to be going back to their classic roots.


      1. I just saw your response to this now! I wonder if the Xmen books will finally return to their roots since Marvel will now have the film rights. I suspect the comics will be up to par again, or, at least i hope so. Is Cyclops still dead? If Jean is back, I am hoping that he returns.


  4. Mariko Yashida is the love of Wolverine’s life. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. I’m kidding. Marvel Comics even used her as the template for Itsu. Who is mother of his son, Daken.

    If anyone needs more proof, Kirika Yashda, Mariko and Wolverine’s daughter from the AoA timeline, is unbearable adorable. I’ve read Uncanny X-Force #12 dozens of time because it brings tears to my eyes seeing Wolverine meet his alternate timeline daughter.


  5. i always loved the idea of Wolverine Rogue sinse i was little and saw the 90s x-men cartoon. i just think those two click and have good chemistry.


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