WesterNoir: Book One Review: Monsters Are Real

Over the past couple of years I’ve really come to appreciate western stories, which is why I was excited to read the WesterNoir: Book One graphic novel created by Dave West and Gary Crutchley. Published by Accent UK, the series combines horror, western and steampunk themes to show the darker side of human nature. The protagonist, Josiah Black, finds himself drawn into a world that he didn’t think existed, but has no choice but to embrace it if he wants to survive.

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Forever Green Review

When someone reaches out to me personally to review their work, it’s a great reminder that people are paying attention to The Comic Vault. Today, I’m reviewing a webtoon called Forever Green by indie creator, Luke Welch. The sci-fi story features two space explorers who have landed on a planet in search of a scientist. Here is my honest review.

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Ladies Of Market Street Review

When I get people asking me to review their work it makes me feel what I’m doing is having a positive effect. With that in mind, I’ll be reviewing my first indie comic, sent to me by River Rock Comics, called Ladies Of Market Street. The story involves a woman named Veronica Baldwin who is searching for her missing friend An. She’ll stop at nothing to get her back and here is my honest review of the comic.

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