Rockers And Reapers: The Legacy Of SAMCRO

We remember TV shows for different reasons: they’re well written, they have compelling characters and the stakes are high. One of the best shows in recent years is Sons Of Anarchy. Created by Kurt Sutter, the show focused on California based motorcycle club Sons Of Anarchy in the town of Charming. It followed Jax Teller, the president of the club as he struggled to balance his family life with his outlaw lifestyle. The show ended in 2014 and here I’ll examine some of the themes that made it so captivating to watch.

7x13-papa-s-goods-jax-thomas-and-abel-sons-of-anarchy-37889902-612-380Sons Of Anarchy took inspiration from Hamlet, with Jax following a similar path to the character. Hamlet was haunted by the ghost of his father while Jax was ‘haunted’ by the journal his father John left behind. Hamlet was a prince who became king after deposing his uncle Claudius. Jax became president after bringing down his step-father Clay, who had John killed. These similarities meant the show was always destined to be a tragedy.

Brotherhood and loyalty were major themes, with each member staying true to an outlaw code. Sutter didn’t shy away from depicting an authentic look at MC culture, with violence and death being featured heavily. But like all shows about anti-heroes, there has to be something redeeming about the characters. Jax loved his sons and his wife, even though his fall from grace needed to happen.

Family was also important, as seen from Gemma Teller’s desire to protect her son and club at whatever cost. She was the true antagonist of the series, with many of the bad decisions made by the club happening because of situations she caused. This highlights the tragic nature of the show, as Jax wanted to get the Sons away from selling guns, but he lost sight of his dream because of the violence around him.ae481adb1e2fef47131ce465a4dd46aa

Sutter recently announced that a spin off show called Mayans is in the works for later this year. The new series will focus on The Mayans MC, a latino biker gang who were rivals and allies of SAMCRO.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Sons Of Anarchy I’d highly recommend it.


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21 thoughts on “Rockers And Reapers: The Legacy Of SAMCRO”

    1. It really was one hell of a ride watching it Rob. And there are quite a few comic tie ins that follow the Sons in between seasons. There is also a new SOA prequel comic called Redwood Original featuring Jax’s early years as a prospect. It’s just as good as the show.

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      1. That’s great!! I was wondering how good they are. I’ll have to check them out. I’m excited for the Mayan series just to return to the world of SOA. Cheers, brother.

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  1. Hey there! Just found this blog because of another blogger’s mention that you reviewed comics. I wanted to mention that your content is pretty cool. I actually watched and finished Sons of Anarchy. While it had its ups and downs, they definitely finished it off pretty well and had some really phenomenal episodes here and there. I’m definitely curious about the Mayans spin-off. Not sure if it’ll deliver something as good or better than SoA though!

    – Lashaan

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Lashaan and I agree. The earlier seasons of SOA were my favourites. But overall the show went off on a high note. Mayans looks promising because it’s being co-written by Elgin Jones. He’s a guy who has experienced the latino culture of the source material so it’s in good hands.

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  2. This is really one of my favorite shows. Because of the enormous amount of series and movies I watch (and my more recent Anime craze lol), I have actually still to finish this series, (2 seasons to go), but totally agree that this series if truly fantastic 😀

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