White Ash #1 Review: Mining And Mythology

Small towns and mythology go hand in hand, whether it’s local legend or a reputation built up over time. It sets them apart from big cities because a lot of small towns have a strong sense of community. Mythology plays a big role in White Ash #1 created by Charlie Stickney and Conor Hughes. The comic focuses on the mining town of White Ash and the people living within it. The town has been hiding a secret and a young man named Aleck has his world turned upside down. Stickney sent a copy to The Comic Vault in exchange for a spoiler free review.

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Southern Bastards: Here Was A Man Review: A Big Stick To Swing

The American South has often been associated with intolerance, rednecks and violence. While stereotyping isn’t something to be proud of, it can be interesting to explore in literature. Jason Aaron’s and Jason Latour’s Southern Bastards: Here Was A Man takes a look at a small town in Alabama and explores themes of racism, loneliness and family legacy. The creative team’s American South is a place you can love, hate, miss and fear all at once. Nothing is held back in this graphic novel, with Aaron and Latour going full country.

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Preacher: Book One Review: A Brilliantly Blasphemous Story

Have you ever read a graphic novel that’s stuck with you because of its graphic content? That was the case for me with Preacher: Book One. Written by Garth Ennis, Preacher tells the story of a Texas Reverend called Jesse Custer, who acquires a divine power called ‘The Word of God’ that allows him to command people to do anything he wants. The series has been adapted for TV, and after watching the show it inspired me to read the comic. As good as the show is, the comic is so much better.

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Scarlet Witch: Witches’ Road Review: Hex Appeal

The first supernatural graphic novel I’ll be reviewing this month is Scarlet Witch: Witches’ Road by James Robison. Wanda Maximoff has always been a character who’s existed in the background or been the catalyst for a great tragedy like M-Day. She never really had a chance to shine on her own before, so I was intrigued to read a story that had her as the protagonist. Wanda has isolated herself from everyone, including the Avengers and her brother, Pietro. Witches’ Road is about her taking control of her life in a way that’s never been seen before.

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Our War: The Truth Untold Review: A Reflection Of American Politics

Sometimes, the most poignant graphic novels aren’t the ones that have people in tights punching each other. Sometimes, they take the form of down to earth stories like Luke Henderson’s OUR WAR: The Truth Untold. America is on the brink of complete social collapse, and a political radical called Nestor is joined by an economic refugee called Emma on a journey to get to Canada for the hope of a better life. Henderson sent a copy to The Comic Vault in exchange for an honest review.

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WesterNoir: Book Two Review: A Sinister Swamp Tale

The Wild West was a time of uncertainty and chaos, a time where men were forced to find civilisation among the wilderness. When you add a supernatural element to that kind of atmosphere, you have an intriguing story. This is the case with Dave West’s and Gary Crutchley’s WesterNoir series, featuring monster hunter, Josiah Black. Book Two takes Black into the swamps of Louisiana to deal with a cold-blooded threat against humanity.

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Weavers Review: A Web Of Deceit And Corruption

What happens when you cross supernatural spiders with a violent gang? You get Weavers, a graphic novel by Simon Spurrier and Dylan Burnett. After a gang-related attack, a young man called Sid Thyme finds himself strong armed into the Weavers, where his loyalty will be put to the test. Forget about great power coming with great responsibility. With great power comes loyalty to the family.

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