Dark Nights: Metal Review: A Comic Event Writing Masterclass

When it comes to comic events, it’s easy to feel cynical about them because of how often they happen. Marvel and DC have got into a habit of altering their universes on a yearly basis, to the point it’s felt as if storytelling has become a money grab, rather than a way of building compelling characters. I’ve felt comic event fatigue before, but there’s something exceptional about the writing of Scott Snyder that keeps me coming back to his stories. Snyder has become the definitive Batman writer, which is why I was eager to pick up Dark Nights: Metal. Here are my thoughts on a graphic novel that nails all the things that makes a comic event worth investing in.

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Abbott #5 Review: A Satisfying, Supernatural Conclusion To An Exciting Series

Since it started in January, I’ve been following Saladin Ahmed’s Abbott series, which has continually impressed me with its subject matter and protagonist. Elena Abbott’s journalistic integrity combined with her status as a black woman has provided an interesting journey. Each issue has built momentum, showing elements of a supernatural threat lingering over Detroit. In Abbott #5, Elena finally confronts the demons of her past and future with explosive results.

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The Black Monday Murders: Vol 2 Review: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Money is one of the most powerful forces in the world because it gives people the chance to live the life they want to lead. In certain situations it can be treated like a religion, with people doing whatever they can to earn more. Johnathan Hickman focuses on the cult-like effect money has with The Black Monday Murders: Vol 2. The graphic novel is set in a world where different banking firms control the world through magic, blood sacrifice and ruthlessness. A member of the wealthy Rothschild family has been murdered, leading to a brutal war between the firms.

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Deadpool 2 Review: The F Word Stands For Family In A Brilliant Sequel

People go to see superhero films for a number of reasons. Some viewers connect with the characters, while others enjoy the huge set pieces and action-packed scenes. Some just want to laugh their asses off, which is where Deadpool 2 comes in. The first Deadpool set an extremely high standard with its meta humour, fourth wall breakage and zany leading character. All the tropes that people have come to love about superhero films were ripped apart and turned on their head. So, with expectations so high, does Ryan Reynolds manage to capture lightning in a bottle twice? Spoiler alert: It’s a resounding fuck yeah! Continue reading “Deadpool 2 Review: The F Word Stands For Family In A Brilliant Sequel”

Daredevil: Born Again Review: A Visceral Look Into The Mind Of The Man Without Fear

Daredevil is one of the most relatable heroes in comics because of his background and believable powers. There have been a number of memorable stories about The Man Without Fear, though perhaps the greatest is Born Again, written by Frank Miller. Born Again involves the complete destruction of Matt Murdock’s life at the hands of The Kingpin. Not only is Daredevil pushed to the brink of sanity, but his mental health issues are exposed in a respectful, tragic manner. With themes of religion, family and overcoming adversity, Born Again is a graphic novel that needs to be read by all comic fans.

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Green Arrow: Year One Review: An Exciting Origin Story That Will Leave You Wanting More

Green Arrow is one of those superheroes that people find it easy to connect with because of his beliefs. As someone who stands up for the little guy, Oliver Queen has dedicated his resources to making the world a better place with a bow and arrow. But it took him a long time to become the man he is, as Queen had to learn how to survive on his own two feet before becoming Green Arrow. Ollie’s transformation from frivolous playboy to hardened hunter is chronicled in Andy Diggle’s Green Arrow: Year One. The graphic novel contains themes of isolation, manhood, slavery and the power of nature against urbanisation.

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Abbott #4 Review: A High-Stakes Game Of Cat And Mouse

Since it started back in January, Saladin Ahmed’s Abbott series has been one of the most intriguing independent comic stories going. The potent mixture of political and supernatural themes have painted a compelling picture of Detroit in the 1970s. Abbott #4 sees daring reporter Elena Abbott finally get to the bottom of a case that’s been testing her since the beginning.

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