Comic Kitchen: Wolverine

Comic Kitchen is a segment that brings together delicious food and a comic character for a three course menu. A starter, a main course and a dessert are chosen, with a description of why the character would eat the food and why it reminds me of them. Today, the menu I’m putting together is for Wolverine, who loves eating as much as he does drinking. Given Wolverine’s connection to Japan, I can see him eating food that brings together the best flavours of the west and the east.

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What Makes Alpha Flight Canada’s Finest Superhero Team?

If there’s one thing I love about comics, it’s reading about obscure characters. The same goes for obscure teams, and if there were ever a group of unsung heroes, Alpha Flight is at the top of the list. Canada’s premier squad have been around for a long time, but it feels like they’ve never been used to their full potential. Although the team originally started out as a way of adding more value to Wolverine’s backstory, Alpha Flight developed into a team with superheroes that are worth talking about. Made up of originally of Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Shaman and Guardian, the group deserves more recognition. I’ll be looking into the history of the members to see what makes Alpha Flight worth reading about.

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How Jubilee Can Inspire Young Mothers And Promote Positive Parenthood

The X-Men feature a variety of diverse characters and I think what makes them so popular is how they’ve been allowed to grow over the years. A lot of the characters started off as a children and readers have followed them into adulthood. One of the most developed X-Men is Jubilee, who evolved from Wolverine’s sidekick into a strong-willed mother. Even by X-Men standards, Jubilee has been put through a lot, though it’s enabled her to mature and find her place in the world. The Comic Vault is looking into her history to understand what makes her a great role model for young mothers.

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The Essential Reading List: Daken

When reading about a comic character you’re interested in, it can be hard to keep up with all the stories they’ve appeared in. That’s where The Essential Reading List comes in. I’m compiling all the important appearances of characters that I appreciate and this edition is focusing on Daken. As the son of Wolverine, Daken has done plenty to establish himself within the X-Men mythos, but he’s also become one of the most intriguing characters in the wider Marvel Universe. Here’s a look into the major stories that he’s been a part of.

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Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol 3: The Last Ronin Review: The Future Of Japan Hangs In The Balance

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, I have a fascination with Japan and the history of the samurai. It’s partly why Wolverine is one of my favourite characters and why I always jump at the chance to read any Japan related story he’s involved in. So, when I came across Wolverine: Old Man Logan: The Last Ronin, you can bet I was excited to dive into the story. Written by Jeff Lemire, the graphic novel revolves around Old Man Logan’s adventures in the main Marvel Universe and his battle to stop the version of his future from happening. There’s everything you could want from a Wolverine adventure in Japan: ninjas, action and plenty of emotion.

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X-23: The Complete Collection Vol 1 Review: A Journey Into Trauma And Overcoming Adversity

The X-Men feature some of the most diverse characters in comics and X-23 is one of my favourites. As the clone of Wolverine, Laura Kinney was never meant to have a normal life, yet she managed to find her own place in the world. I recently picked up a graphic novel that contains her greatest stories, starting from how she was created, to how she became a member of the X-Men. Her creator, Craig Kyle, has been able to work wonders with her. X-23’s journey is emotional and after reading this collection you’ll gain a new appreciation for the character.

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The Role Of The Samurai In Contemporary Comics

Japanese culture has been popular in the west for years, with anime being woven into the fabric of pop culture. Westerners also visit Japan to learn about the country’s history and the samurai are an important part of it. The traditional view of samurai are noble, honourable warriors who dedicated their lives to a singular cause. It’s no surprise that samurai have been featured in comics. But how are they portrayed? Do mainstream comics like Marvel and DC remain faithful to what samurai stood for? The Comic Vault is looking into the history of samurai in comics and the kind of characters that are associated with the image.

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