Guest Post: From Kill Bill To Wolverine: A Look Into The Most Iconic Movie Weaponry

Your favourite characters have signature outfits and intense personalities, but the real showstoppers are their weapons. For many characters, their weapon and the way they use it is intrinsically tied into their nature. So what makes a good movie weapon? Power, versatility, and coolness are major factors in deciding which weapons are fan favourites. Read on to learn more about the rankings for some of the most popular movie weapons from the last few decades.

1. Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine’s healing factor is one powerful mutation to have, but his complementary built-in weapons are the main atraction. Wolverine’s retractable claws are originally made from bone, but they are later enhanced through experimentation by Stryker and the Weapon X project.

The adamantium that coats his entire skeleton elevates the power of his claws a million fold. Bone can be useful when fighting in hand to hand combat, but with the adamantium addition, Wolverine’s claws can now cut through nearly anything!

While they may not seem versatile, the fact that they’re always within his grasp means he can have his weapons at a moment’s notice. The signature snikt as they come out is a sound every fan knows. The one major downside to Wolverine’s adamantium coating is how easily Magneto can take him out of commission. Must be why Wolverine runs directly into danger every time the metal controlling mutant is involved…

2. Deadpool’s Dual Wield Swords

Nobody wants to remember Deadpool’s big screen debut in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but his much more successful film released in 2016 did a lot more justice to the merc with the mouth.

Deadpool’s signature dual katanas have been featured and replaced several times throughout his history in the comics. As a highly trained kenjutsu master, it’s no surprise that Wade Wilson has several sets of katanas 一 even one that can be charged with an energy field to improve its durability and strength.

In terms of power, versatility, and coolness, his katanas do well on all points. They’re generally high quality Japanese swords that are enhanced with a variety of tech to make them more effective. As part of Deadpool’s total outfit, having the two katanas on his back definitely creates an iconic and memorable look that villains instantly recognise.

3. Kill Bill Hattori Hanzō Katana

With her brand new Hattori Hanzō sword, Beatrix is the ultimate killing machine. Her super powerful blade slices and dices with no regard for skin, muscle, or bone. It can even take off the top of someone’s head, as evidenced in the film.

While the sword does lose a bit of coolness factor due to the fact that it doesn’t have any other abilities, fans love that all that killing skill is up to Beatrix. When combined with her Bruce Lee-esque outfit in the Crazy 88 showdown in the House of Blue Leaves, you have one unforgettable fight scene.

4. Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s shield is one of the top ranked superhero weapons because of its usability as both a weapon and as a defensive tool. The metal, vibranium, is a nearly indestructible element that avoids following the usual laws of physics. It can be used as a boomerang, can neutralise a grenade, and can even absorb a hit from Mjolnir.

As an inspirational emblem, the coolness factor is really ramped up, but this is another piece that depends on the hero’s skill and creativity to wield it.

5. Han Solo’s Star Wars Blaster

In the Star Wars movies, Han Solo carries around a DL-44 blaster that is easily concealable and very efficient at penetrating stormtrooper armour. Once considered one of the most powerful blasters in the galaxy because it delivered massive damage at close range, Han Solo’s piece could now be considered vintage. It was passed down to him by his mentor Tobias Beckett.

From a nostalgia point of view, the DL-44 blaster is definitely an awesome weapon. Unfortunately, it’s a known defect that the blaster tends to overheat quickly. Han has probably kept the pistol operational through his electrical engineering MacGyvering skills. However, it does force him to shoot first and shoot fast, as once his enemy knows he has a pistol, the element of surprise is gone.

Who’s Your Favourite?

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it does cover some of the most popular signature movie weapons. Do you have more you want to add to this list? Comment below to let everyone know what you think is the most iconic movie weapon ever!

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and pop culture enthusiast. She enjoys writing about all things comics, films, and television, as well as travel and events. She has a love for adventure, interest in interiors, and a knack for covering developments in a range of industries, from HR to real estate, finance and more.


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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: From Kill Bill To Wolverine: A Look Into The Most Iconic Movie Weaponry”

  1. Would not want to be collected by one of those high speed flying ‘Identity Discs’ from TRON. For sheer simplicity I can’t go past Mel Gibson’s sawn-off ‘shoty’ in MAD MAX 2 (1981). Yet my all-time fave would have to be the ‘gimmick gun’ Christopher Lee’s character (Scaramanga) used in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (1974). Assembled with parts from a cigarette lighter, cufflink and pen right under the nose of the intended victim without them realizing they were about to be executed, this was equal parts stylish and deadly evil genius at its best.


  2. Great list of iconic weapons! When it comes down to it, I think the weapon is meant to be an extension of the person wielding it, or the hero must earn his way into using it. I don’t have one favorite but these resonate with me:

    1. The sword of Gryffindor from Harry Potter – Yes, it can destroy Horocruxes but what impresses me is that it has the magical ability to appear wherever it is needed. Thus far in the saga it’s only appeared to fellow Gryffindors (brave and bold) but heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Will it come to Newt Scamander or his friends? Only time will tell.

    2. Sailor Moon’s crystal – As she is a reincarnated goddess of love and justice, her superhero form uses love and compassion to turn some of her enemies into her friends. And her crystal has the ability to cleanse people possessed by monsters.

    3. Nightwing’s escrima sticks – No supernatural abilities but fitting for a circus boy who “dances” as he fights. They look lightweight and functional to carry for someone constantly flying off rooftops.

    4. Catwoman’s Cat ‘o Nine Tails – Deadly and sexy like herself.

    5. Green Lantern’s ring – The sky’s the limit for a small thing that can create anything based on one’s will.


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