4 Formidable Comic Swords That Are Sharper Than The Rest

One of the most entertaining things about comics is the plethora of powers. Seeing a superhero like Storm control the weather and summon a lightning bolt is a sensational visual. But an underrated factor in comics is the weapons that are used. There are so many mystical items that come with their own mythology, adding to a character’s backstory. Magical swords are a great example and The Comic Vault is featuring four blades that come with formidable reputations.

Muramasa Sword

The Muramasa Sword is connected to Wolverine, who had it forged out of a piece of his soul by the legendary swordsmith Muramasa. When Logan’s wife Itsu was killed, he came to Muramasa for a way to kill the people responsible and the blade was made out of his anger.

The Muramasa Sword can cut through any substance. For example, it sliced through one of Cyclops’ optic blasts. It’s also capable of neutralising superhuman healing factors, making it one of the most effective weapons in the Marvel Universe.

The sword resembles a katana and was likely inspired by the real Sengo Muramasa. A brilliant swordsmith, Muramasa’s instability made him feared and respected. It was said that his swords were cursed and always destined for blood shed.

The Ebony Blade

Linked to the Black Knight, the Ebony Blade is a potent sword that has a variety of capabilities. It can cut through any kind of material, absorb magical energy and unleash powerful blasts. The Ebony Blade creates a link to its wielder, teleporting to them no matter the location.

The sword was forged by Merlin out of a meteorite and comes with a curse that drives the wielder to become more violent over time. Dane Whitman is the only person to be able to withstand the curse, making him the rightful owner.

The Ebony Blade can be used as a metaphor for addiction because previous owners have become corrupted by its influence. Whitman’s ability to control himself showcases his inner strength.


Some weapons are sentient, which is the case with Soultaker. The blade is owned by Katana and contains the trapped soul of her husband, along with many others. It came into Katana’s possession during conflict with her brother-in-law and she vowed to use the sword to avenge her husband’s death. Katana uses Soultaker for good and honours her samurai ancestors.

The souls within the sword are able to communicate with the wielder, offering guidance. The spirits can also be reborn via a sacred ritual and serve Katana when necessary.

The Blood Sword

The Blood Sword is one of the sacred objects found within the Top Cow Universe. In addition to augmenting the power of whoever owns it, the blade fires energy blasts that can be used to devastating effect. The weapon is also cursed, influencing the owner to murder and commit violent acts.

The Blood Sword is possessed by Ian Nottingham, who wields it with deadly purpose. Nottingham has several superhuman attributes that are enhanced by the sword, giving him an edge in battle.


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