Looking Inside The Red Hood’s Armoury

Superpowers can be useful in a fight, but for characters who don’t have powers, they need to rely on their intelligence and skill. This is true for street level characters and they usually have a range of equipment at their disposal. The Comic Vault is looking into the equipment that different heroes and villains use and we’ll start with Red Hood. Having learned from Batman, Jason Todd has plenty of tricks and toys up his sleeve.


Kris dagger

When Jason returned to Gotham as Red Hood, he wielded a wavy dagger based on a Kris. The dagger was given to him by Talia Al Ghul. The blade was sharp enough to cut through Batman’s belt and durable enough to block an attack from a sword wielding Mia Dearden. The Kris blade is linked to Indonesia and they’re used as ceremonial symbols and weapons.


Red Hood helmet

Jason’s helmet was based off the original Red Hood helmet used by the Joker. However, Jason’s headgear has a biker aesthetic, which he uses for protection and to hide his identity. Like the dagger, the helmet was given to him as a gift by Talia. She wanted him to embrace his greatest fear and wear it like armour, just as Bruce did when he became Batman.

Some versions have advanced technology and Jason is known for rigging the helmet with explosives if he wants to make a quick getaway.


Bat taser

In the most recent run of Red Hood And The Outlaws, Jason used a taser built into his body armour. It was activated through the red Bat symbol on his chest and it’s powerful enough to stun an Amazon, as seen from when he used it on Artemis. He also used it on Batman to give his adoptive father a taste of what it means to fight dirty.


All Blades

When Jason came back to life, he travelled the world and learned how to use lethal force from various trainers. His journey led him to a cult of mystical assassins called the All-Caste. They taught him how to channel his rage and granted him access to the All Blades. The swords can be used against magical enemies and are tied to Jason’s soul.



What sets Red Hood apart from the rest of the Bat family is that he uses guns. His most commonly used weapons are a pair of .45 firearms that may be modified M1911 pistols. Jason is an expert marksmen and has been able to shoot fast enough that Batman’s had trouble getting close to him.

In Arkham Knight, Jason used a sniper rifle that could be taken apart into two smaller guns and put back together again.

Red Hood’s ingenuity coupled with his arsenal make him a formidable fighter. Do you have a character who’s armoury you’d like to see explored?


Author: thecomicvault

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8 thoughts on “Looking Inside The Red Hood’s Armoury”

  1. Can you cite the source of his guns? I’ve been trying to find out what he’s carrying, but as usual, comic art is not often reflective of accurate portrayals of existing firearms. I’ve seen one or two panels that does look like a modified 1911 model pistol. I’ve found nothing where he states the caliber at all, and of course there’s been a panel or two that did look sort of like the IWI 941s that were referenced above.
    Not challenging, but trying to help somebody with a cosplay lol.


  2. I’d like to see Arsenal’s armory explored. He’s got plenty of cool trick arrows but different guns and stuff too. I’m curious about what’s all in there.


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