Comic Cover Corner: Fallen Son #1

Comic Cover Corner puts the spotlight on a unique comic cover and the story that it tells. Captain America has been involved in some of the most emotional stories that Marvel has produced. So, when the First Avenger was tragically killed during The Fallen Son arc, it should come as no surprise that the covers were striking.

Fallen Son #1, drawn by Leinil Yu, features Wolverine looking ready to hunt down the people responsible for Cap’s death.

Telling a story of loss

Fallen Son #1 stands out because of the outstanding detail that Yu has infused into his cover. Wolverine has been riddled with bullet holes and the smoke has yet to clear from the attack. The grim determination on his face show that the bullets have done nothing except piss him off.

The subtle details of the veins in Wolverine’s hand demonstrate his anger. He’s clenching his fist, his claws are popped and he’s about to unleash hell.

Captain America’s shield in the background is symbolic of the respect that Wolverine has for Steve Rogers. The shield represents the ultimate ideal of heroism, an ideal that Logan has always tried to live up to. Beneath his grim mask, Wolverine is feeling the loss of his friend, adding an extra layer of complexity to the cover.

A grand mixture of colours

Yu’s colouring deserves praise as well. The dark yellow of Wolverine’s costume adds to the grittiness of the scene. His black, frazzled hair gives him the appearance of a soldier, strengthening the connection to Cap’s shield.

Another iconic Wolverine cover that’s worth checking out is Wolverine #1 drawn by Frank Miller.


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