Guest Post: Torso: A Forgotten Noir Masterpiece

Picture this, the year is 1935 and the city of Cleveland, Ohio has just begun to recover from the blow dealt to its economy by the Great Depression. Citizens rejoice, incredibly happy to have finally pushed past the period of uncertainty and fear that nearly cost many of them their lives, and for others did just that.

This period of joy would not last long however, as between the years of 1935 and 1938, a fear would strike the heart of Cleveland, a fear like no other. A fear that resulted in mass hysteria and paranoia, a fear that would leave a stain on the city of Cleveland for the rest of time. The fear of the Torso Killer. Continue reading “Guest Post: Torso: A Forgotten Noir Masterpiece”


Infamous Iron Man Vol 2: The Absolution Of Doom Review: Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest villains in the history of comics. He’s taken on The Fantastic Four, Avengers, battled aliens and monsters and even ruled the Multiverse as an all-powerful god. So, what happens when he tries to make up for all the wrong he’s done in his life? You get Infamous Iron Man Vol 2: The Absolution Of Doom. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, the graphic novel follows Doom as he takes on the Iron Man identity to make the world a safer place. The second volume feels like it has higher stakes than the first because of the introduction of the evil Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe. Traditional roles are flipped and Doom finds himself in a situation where even he doesn’t have all the answers.

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Jessica Jones: Alias: Volume 1 Review: Superhero Noir

When we think of superheroes, we think of brightly dressed people with amazing powers. The fight to save the world so often we wonder how they could possibly have a personal life. Jessica Jones: Alias: Volume 1 takes the reader down to earth and shows what happens when a hero tries to live like the rest of us. A former Avenger, Jessica Jones used to go by Jewel, but she retired from the team and opened up a private detective agency. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Alias is an influential graphic novel because it inspired Marvel’s MAX comic line. There’s violence, profanity, sex and people doing questionable things for what they think are the right reasons. When the first word is ‘fuck’ you know you’re in for something gritty.

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Infamous Iron Man: Volume 1 Review: Can Doctor Doom Be A Hero?

Over the past few years, a recent comic trend has been to replace established characters with new versions. There’s been a female Thor, a female Hawkeye and even an Asian version of The Hulk. A new character taking on an established identity doesn’t always work, but when it’s done right it can offer an intriguing story. This is the case with Brian Michael Bendis’ Infamous Iron Man series, with Doctor Doom taking on the role of Iron Man. Spinning out from the events of Civil War II, Tony Stark is in a coma and Victor Von Doom is out to show the world he can protect it.

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