Guest Post: Torso: A Forgotten Noir Masterpiece

Picture this, the year is 1935 and the city of Cleveland, Ohio has just begun to recover from the blow dealt to its economy by the Great Depression. Citizens rejoice, incredibly happy to have finally pushed past the period of uncertainty and fear that nearly cost many of them their lives, and for others did just that.

This period of joy would not last long however, as between the years of 1935 and 1938, a fear would strike the heart of Cleveland, a fear like no other. A fear that resulted in mass hysteria and paranoia, a fear that would leave a stain on the city of Cleveland for the rest of time. The fear of the Torso Killer. Continue reading “Guest Post: Torso: A Forgotten Noir Masterpiece”


The Black Monday Murders Vol 1: All Hail God Mammon Review: Money Is The Root Of All Power

The desire to earn more money is felt by many people, whether they want to become successful or afford new things. Currency makes the world go round and it could be argued that money is the root of all evil, but what if money was the root of all power for some? What if the urge to accumulate more wealth became a visceral need to dominate your fellow man? Such questions form the basis of Jonathan Hickman’s The Black Monday Murders Vol 1: All Hail, God Mammon. Money and blood go hand in hand and no price is too high for the characters of this dark and disturbing graphic novel.

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Casey Bowker Talks With The Comic Vault About Hollowed And How You Can Help Support The Series

The comic book industry is built on collaboration, with writers and artists working together to create something magical. The same can be said for indie comic writers and bloggers, which is why The Comic Vault is open to promoting independent comics and graphic novels. I’m pleased to reveal an interview with indie comic writer and pop culture website editor, Casey Bowker, who has created his first comic called Hollowed. He’s looking to get the series up and running through Kickstarter and he chatted to The Comic Vault about why he wanted to become a comic writer and how the industry has changed for independent writers.

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Gaudy spires tore at the sky, tore at creation until the air splintered. They drained the colour from the sky till it was little more than an ashen pall. The buildings, monuments to man’s ingenuity offend the sky. They offended Saul as he ran. He gazed upon the cosmos as the rain hammered down. The rain flayed him as punishment for his crimes. Saul knew he wasn’t the only victim. The rain punished all who were caught.

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Beneath The Pages: Cullen Bunn

On this edition of Beneath The Pages, I’m going to put the spotlight on graphic novelist and comic writer, Cullen Bunn. Bunn has a reputation for writing horror and noir stories that have translated into his work in comics. He’s written successful series on characters like Magneto and Sinestro, blurring the lines between black and white and making the reader invest heavily in their journey.

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