Eve Of Extinction Review: A Gripping, Gender Subversive Dystopian Comic Series

The dystopian genre has produced some of my favourite stories. It’s the kind of genre that features relatable themes and highlights the destructiveness of humanity. The best kind of dystopian stories tend to focus on the relationships between survivors. In that regard, Salvatore Simeone and Steve Simeone’s Eve Of Extinction comic series succeeds.

Published by TKO Studios, Eve Of Extinction is set during the outbreak of a virus that specifically affects men. A band of women are forced together to try and survive the destruction, leading to compelling story that deals with motherhood and sisterhood.

Broken family dynamics

Against the backdrop of a contagion that turns men into monsters, a teenage girl called Antonia Nguyen grapples with a complicated family history. Her biological mother, Christine, has recently come back into her life after being absent for years. Christine bumps up against Antonia’s overprotective adoptive mother, Elizabeth. The relationship that the three women share is at the heart of Eve Of Extinction.

Sal and Steve Simeone capture the confusion and resentment that Antonia feels over never having the chance to know her birth mother because of substance abuse. Christine wants to make amends for her past, but Elizabeth is hesitant to let her get near Antonia.

But there’s nothing like a deadly virus for encouraging a family counselling session. As men start to turn, Christine and Elizabeth work together to protect Antonia by any means necessary. One of my favourite scenes involves Christine swinging a baseball bat at the infected.

Along the way, they are joined by two sisters who’re running from their own dark past. All the women feel empowered and have their moment to shine.

Visceral art

Eve Of Extinction is brought to life in vivid detail by Nik Virella. Her art is colourful, dynamic and gritty. I especially like her backgrounds and the way she sets the mood with stormy seas and bloody corridors. She also deserves praise for her presentation of monsters. The grotesque infected look as if they are going to reach out of the page with sharp claws and fangs.

Despite the darkness of Eve Of Extinction, there’s an underlying message of hope. A message of standing with your family no matter how far apart you might have become. If you like empowered women and survival horror, then Eve Of Extinction is for you.

Buy it now from TKO Studios.

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