TKO Studios Is Here To Transform The Comic Industry For The Better

TKO Studios

In recent years, the comic industry has gone from strength to strength. From independent creators having the means to publish their work, to new platforms combining technology with comics, it’s a great time to be a pop culture fan. And one comic publisher in particular is keen to shake up the status quo even further. I’m talking about TKO Studios.

With an all-star cast of comic talent that includes writers like Garth Ennis and Jeff Lemire, TKO Studios is on a mission to revolutionise the comic industry. So, how are they planning to achieve this?

Not your average comic publisher

TKO Studios’ mission statement is defined as wanting

“to revolutionise the way you read comics. We binge release our books and offer them in multiple formats (six issues sets in a collector’s box, trade paperbacks, digital downloads). All our books are printed deluxe oversize.”

That’s a bold statement to make. But it shows how different the publisher wants to be from other comic houses. TKO base their publication and distribution model on readers instead of retailers. Rather than making fans wait for months on end to read a complete story, comics are released in full across an entire collection.

All stories are available immediately in three formats:

• Full six-issue sets in collector boxes
• Trade paperback
• Digital downloads that can be read off desktop, mobile or tablet

In addition, TKO Studios believes in giving credit to every person involved in the creation of a comic. That’s why they publish the names of every member of the creative team on the cover of an issue. This includes writers, artists, colourists, letterers, comic editors and more.

Pound for Pound Natalie Chaidez

Working with superstar talent

TKO’s decision to be different has attracted some of the best talent in the business. The likes of Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys), Jeff Lemire (The Sentry: Man Of Two Worlds, Sweet Tooth, Roughneck), Tze Chun (Gotham, Cold Becomes Night), Roxane Gay (Hunger, World of Wakanda) and Natalie Chaidaz (Queen Of The South, Hunters) all have comics available through TKO.

Superstar artists like Gabriel Walta, Ming Doyle, Andy Belanger, Ruth Redmond, Giulia Brusco and Steve Wands are onboard as well.

Some of the most interesting comics include Garth Ennis’ Sara and Natalie Chaidaz’s Pound For Pound. Sara focuses on the exploits of a Soviet era soldier who fights against the Nazis. Pound For Pound follows the life of an MMA fighter who’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her sister.

Sara Garth Ennis

They are just two examples of stories that will make you believe in the entertainment of comics. And entertainment is at the heart of what TKO Studios wants to achieve. The company was founded by people who grew up loving and reading comics.

To learn more about TKO Studios and what they offer, be sure to check out their collection of impressive comics.  Or, you can browse complimentary first issues for free and decide if you want to read the entire series later. You won’t regret it.


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  1. I love seeing that there is a new publisher to give authors an opportunity to release their books. Sorry for being off the grid lately but I hope to comment on more of your posts and maybe have you on our podcast sometime because you really know your stuff and are sharp with the pen. Keep it up 🙂


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