Comic Kitchen: Jubulile Van Scotter

Comic Kitchen specialises in pairing unique food with a superhero, and a cuisine that has its own identity is South African cooking. From the way its presented, to the spices involved, South African food is delicious. I’m pleased to present a team up with Manchester restaurant Chakalaka and the South African superhero, Jubulile Van Scotter. Having been bonded to a symbiote, Jubulile knows what it means to be dining for two. Her menu is made up of traditional South African dishes that are full of zest and flavour.

Starter – Boerewors And Chill Stick Dip

With a symbiote inside her, Jubulile would start off with a high protein meal. Traditional Boerewors sausage is a perfect appetiser, as it contains a lot of meat and spices. Wors is usually grilled over charcoal and I could imagine Jubulile wanting to stand over the grill and inhale the scent of smoking meat. It would remind her of home and give her fond memories of her dad, who passed away when she was sixteen.

Wors can be served in a variety of ways. The Chakalaka version is spiced with a relish of the same name, which contains chilli, beans, tomatoes and peppers. Chakalaka adds extra zing and combines with the chill stick dip sauce for a truly memorable starter.

Main – Jaffles And Pap Balls

Having grown up with hot food, Jubulile would have a high tolerance for spices. For a main course, I’d see her going for Chakalaka-infused jaffles. Considered to be the South African version of a toasty, jaffles are a versatile meal. They can have all sorts of fillings, ranging from beef to cheese. There’s also a simplicity to Jaffles that would appeal to Jubulile’s heritage. Although she’s travelled around the world, her heart will always belong in Africa.

Jubulile would complete her main by pairing it with pap balls. This flavoursome side dish is made up of deep fried maize balls filled with cheese. The gooeyness of the cheese would contrast well with the heat of the jaffles.

Dessert – Koek Balls

After tasting a lot of spice, Jubulile and her symbiote would be craving something sweet. Koek balls are an ideal treat because they have plenty of sugar. The dough balls are dipped in ginger, cinnamon and cardamom to bring out a beautiful tang. Chakalaka based their koek balls on the traditional South African dessert called Koeksisters.

The koek balls can be considered a type of doughnut. I’d see Jubulile munching on several in order to satisfy the symbiote’s hunger.

Thank you to the Chakalaka team for collaborating on Comic Kitchen. Their South African menu is amazing and I’d urge you to check it out. For more information be sure to go to the website.


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