An Examination Of Deathstroke’s Personal Arsenal

When it comes to fighting, street level comic characters rely on gadgets to give them an edge in combat. A character like Deathstroke has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. As the world’s greatest assassin, Slade Wilson has earned a reputation for getting the job done at any cost. Over the years, Deathstroke has utilised a range of weapons to help him deal with a target. So, what kind of gadgets does the Terminator use to cut a bloody swathe through the DC Universe and take out his enemies?


Deathstroke is known for wearing advanced battle suits. Here are some of the different variations.

Promethium Armour

Deathstroke’s classic mesh armour is made from a highly durable substance called promethium. It was created by a scientist called Steve Dayton and can be broken down into two categories called ‘depleted’ and ‘volatile.’ Deathstroke’s armour is made out of volatile promethium. The material can absorb and generate vast amounts of energy. In addition, it can deaden impacts and keep Slade insulated in extreme temperatures.

Volatile promethium has the side effect of mutating living organisms. Due to Slade’s abilities, he can likely wear the armour without suffering any of the drawbacks. For added protection, Deathstroke’s classic armour has Kevlar woven into the mail.

Nth Metal Armour

During the New 52, Deathstroke wore armour made out of Nth metal. The material has a range of unique properties, such as gravity negation and temperature protection. In addition to being durable, Nth metal can also speed up healing. Given Deathstroke’s advanced healing factor, his Nth metal armour helped him recover at a rapid pace.

Ikon Armour

Slade’s most recent armour was developed by his friend Dr Ikon. The armour utilises a point defence system to create a gravitational tidal effect. This means the armour redistributes kinetic energy. The larger the surface area, the weaker the defence shield. A small surface area creates an impenetrable shield. Deathstroke used the suit to his advantage in a fight with Superman. Clark couldn’t break through the shield because the surface area was concentrated around his fist.

The Ikon suit has a few drawbacks. The first is that it can be deprogrammed and manipulated by anyone else wearing a similar suit. The second is that it can be disrupted by a light absorbent material called Inertron.


Deathstroke’s personal arsenal is made of many weapons, but he isn’t restricted to what’s been listed.

Ballistic Staff

Deathstroke’s most favoured weapon is a retractable ballistic staff made from promethium. It contains a firearm mechanism that can shoot energy or explosive pellets from both ends. The staff can be stretched and shortened to fit with Deathstroke’s different fighting styles.

Promethium Swords

Slade carries a variety of blades, including katanas and giant broadswords. Typically they are made from volatile promethium. This allows Deathstroke to redistribute energy sources that are directed at his weapons.

God Killer Sword

Slade has wielded a divine blade called the God Killer. Forged by Hephaestus, the sword can shapeshift into different weapons and fire mystical energy. The God Killer has shown to be effective against supernatural creatures and even against Kryptonians.


As an expert marksmen, Deathstroke carries different guns. Some of his equipment includes dual pistols, high-powered sniper rifles and rocket launchers.

Deathstroke’s greatest weapon is his intelligence. With his ability to access up to 90% of his brain, Slade has used his equipment to defeat people who are stronger than him.

Red Hood is another character who relies on gadgets. To find out how he fights crime, be sure to check out his armoury.


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