The Red Hood Appears In Manchester (AKA My First Cosplay Photoshoot)

Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in my first professional cosplay photoshoot. Something I love about blogging is that it gives you so a chance to collaborate with so many different people. Through it, I was able to find a local photographer called Priya, who was happy to to be involved. Here’s what happened when the Red Hood went out into Manchester.


I met Priya in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a trendy area of the city that can pretty much be described as hipster central. We’d already talked about what kind of photoshoot it should be. I wanted it to be a gritty homage to the darker side of Gotham City. Priya was helpful in choosing a location, which turned out to be a long alleyway nearby the café we met in.

During the photoshoot, Priya suggested different positions. I could tell she knew what she was doing and found her suggestions to be helpful. A lot of the photos were taken in front of a series of railings that made me feel as if I was in Crime Alley. This allowed me to get into character and we took a series of shots from various angles.


Midway through the shoot, Priya took some high-definition shots of the costume and I’ll list the things I was wearing.

Red Hood Jacket and Helmet – £240 together


OMAGAI Upgraded Men’s Full Finger Tech Gloves – £12


TACVASEN Military Scratch-Resistant Men’s Hiking Pants – £30

Nitehawk Army Patrol Black Leather Combat Boots – £20


Towards the end of the photoshoot, I decided it would be a good idea to stand on top of a large bin. Thankfully, I managed to avoid falling in and Priya got some great photos. I was happy with the whole experience and it made me eager to cosplay other characters in future. Cosplaying is a wonderful opportunity to be creative.

Priya is an awesome photographer and you should follow her on Instagram. You can also find more Red Hood images by following The Comic Vault’s Instagram page.


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