5 Cosplay Instagram Groups That Promote Positive Mental Health

Instagram is a useful place for sharing photos and creating a sense of community among photographers and people who enjoy being in front of a camera. Cosplaying is very popular on Instagram, as you have the opportunity to show off your costumes and creative ability. There are a number of cosplaying group accounts on Instagram that help to promote cosplayers and their work. I think this is a great way to build links between other cosplayers and I’m listing five of the best I’ve come across.


Cosplayway features a variety of cosplayer photos, ranging from Scooby Doo to The Punisher. There’s even a few photos with dogs dressed as characters from pop culture! The range of content they accept makes Cosplayway one of the most open cosplaying photo groups on Instagram. They are keen to promote positivity among the community. It’s easy to be featured on Cosplayway, as all you have to do is follow them and use the hashtag #Cosplayway.

Cosplay and Comics

Cosplay and Comics features a good range of male and female cosplayer photographs. What I like about the account in particular is that the zero tolerance on negative comments is very clear. Cosplay and Comics is focused on a positive attitude. Some of the best photos I’ve seen on the account is a Ciri, done by @ailyta and an Old Man Logan done by @lucky_logan. Although the group isn’t accepting submissions at this time, it’s still worth checking out for the level of creativity on display.


Cosplayofcolor is dedicated to promoting diversity in the cosplay community. It features cosplayers from different ethic backgrounds who offer alternative takes on well-known characters and more. I think there should be more groups like this and you can also follow their Facebook page as well. You can be featured on Cosplayofcolor by tagging or directly messaging the group.


This group is focused on promoting male cosplayers from around the world and I think this is sort of account that could really promote good mental health among men. From my own experience of anxiety, I find that dressing up as my favourite character has helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin when I go to comic cons. To be featured on the group, all you have to do is tag them.


This cosplay group is interesting because it features cosplayers of all types, from professionals, to people who are just starting out. The Facebook page is worth looking at as well because it includes a list of page models and professional cosplayers who can inspire people with their designs and costumes.

Cosplaying is a great way to be creative and connect with people from around the world. All of these Instagram accounts are wonderful because they share a combined message of positive mental health vibes.

Do you have any cosplaying group Instagram accounts that you think are worth adding to the list?


Author: thecomicvault

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8 thoughts on “5 Cosplay Instagram Groups That Promote Positive Mental Health”

  1. Thanks for the links! I explored all of them and found a few I might follow. I was noticing a distinct bias towards female cosplayers (I know why), and so I am happy to see a guys-only IG. I just like to see everyone represented, even though I am a woman 😛 Some of those guys’s cosplays are amazing!


  2. Cosplay for Hope on FB might be a good one. They focus on how cosplay can be a coping mechanism and how being part of a fandom family may be beneficial to mental health.


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