Descending Into The Underealm

You won’t get far in The Frontier without someone wishing you walk well into The Underealm and thrive in The Sunlight Meadows.

Or that you’ll be damned to the blackest pits of The Underealm. Or that you’ll be punished for your vices. Maybe you’ll overhear a conversation in a saloon about a hero who died well and he’s living his virtues in Eudon Hall.

A place of rebirth, punishment, penance and eternity, The Underealm is considered the world of the gods, so let’s dive deeper to see what it’s all about.

What is The Underealm?

In the religion of the frontiersmen, The Underealm is the birthplace and the home of the gods. It’s a world of darkness and light, virtue and vice, hope and hopelessness.

When a person dies, their soul will pass on to The Underealm, where they’ll live out an afterlife according to the way they lived in their first life. For example, if a person lived a kind and compassionate life, they’ll be rewarded with an eternity of light, see their family members and so on.

For murderers and thieves, it’s believed they’ll be condemned to an eternity of torture and pain and be forced to relive their greatest failures over and over.

There are several domains within The Underealm that correspond to these different ends:

The Sunlight Meadows

The Sunlight Meadows are reserved for the most virtuous of souls, where people can wander and prosper with their families and loved ones until the end of time.

Eudon Hall

Eudon Hall is a place where souls who’ve lived a life of warfare and combat in the name of virtue can rest, drink and fight to their heart’s content.


A ghostly fortress at the centre of The Underealm, Polenium is the domain of Agenius. The god of The Underealm is said to weigh the virtues and vices of every soul who enters his kingdom and judges where they will exist for the rest of eternity.

Desolation Pits

The Pits Of Desolation are where condemned souls are forced to spend their time being punished for past wrongs and each pit corresponds to a particular vice.

For example, murderers are kept in one pit and tortured for their crimes, while thieves are resigned to another pit and forced to relive all of their greatest failures etc.

The Cenderian Gate

The Cenderian Gate is recognised as the entrance to The Underealm from the mortal realm of The Frontier.

A shapeshifting doorway that alters between impossibly large and claustrophobically small, The Cenderian Gate is said to appear to those who are near death and during times of great magical upheaval in the world.


To find out more about the world of The Frontier, check out the novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK!


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