The Pop Culture Pub Crawl: Agnus Cartwright

You can learn a lot about a person by their choice of alcohol and The Pop Culture Pub Crawl is all about getting to the heart of a character through their preferred tipple. Agnus Cartwright from Tales Of The Frontier is a woman who sees alcohol as both a means of celebration and a way to toast the demise of her enemies.

An ancient witch and powerful elementi, Agnus Cartwright is a truly terrifying woman. Once she starts drinking, there may be the opportunity to get to know her better without ending up as a bloody smear on the wall and here’s her poison of choice.

Black Thistle Black Mist Gin 

Cartwright has a preference for gin and herbal based liquors and a gin she’d find enjoyable is Black Mist from the Black Thistle Distillery. Made from juniper, coriander and angelica root, Black Mist is produced in the London dry gin style and comes with a mixture of spicy and fruity notes.

Snow Queen Vodka 

To her friends, family and enemies, Cartwright has earned a reputation for her icy and ruthless demeanour. As the head of the Cartwright witch clan, she rules with an iron fist and her imperiousness is reminiscent of a queen. 

These qualities are perfectly captured in Snow Queen vodka. A French vodka with a magical backstory, this vodka has spicy, anise notes blended with custard, berry and vanilla. 

Waking The Demon Mead 

Through the centuries, Cartwright has become feared for her wrath. She’s been described as descending upon her enemies like a demon and a drink to highlight this rage is waking the demon mead.

Coming in at 14.5% ABV, this honey mead has a gnarly picture of a demonic skull and is made from a mixture of honey, water and spices. There’s a good balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness. (Fun fact: It’s a mead that was created by the band Bullet For My Valentine). 

Tears of Llorona Extra Anejo Tequila 

Within the world of The Frontier, witches are persecuted, hunted and treated with suspicion. Cartwright has seen her sisters be attacked and reviled for centuries and it’s given her a hardened outlook. She has compassion for women who’ve been mistreated or vilified and she would likely feel a certain kinship with La Llorona, the ‘One Who Cries’ from Mexican folklore.

Tears of Llorona extra anejo tequila is a fitting drink to represent this empathy. The drink is made from 100% Weber Agave Azul, which is fermented, distilled and aged in three different oak barrels: Scotch, Sherry Oak and Brandy for five years.

The result is a spicy, heady spirit with custard, dried fruit and chocolate notes. 

The Super Nat Wine 

Maintaining her connection to magic, Cartwright would choose a wine like Super Nat, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the Supernatural Wine Company. 

A Pet Nats (unfiltered sparkling wine), the Super Nat has gorgeous fizzy, lemon, quince and russet apples notes that bring to mind a summer meadow. It’d make Cartwright feel nostalgic for her youth when things seemed so much simpler and she spent days endlessly picking apples with her mother. 

Teichenne Absinthe Black

Deep into her cups, Cartwright would start to hit the stronger stuff and it takes a witch of great constitution to take on Teichenne black absinthe. A diabolic 85% ABV spirit, the absinthe has a potent herbal and star anise aroma.

While it’s recommended the drink be diluted with a mixture, Cartwright would be well practiced in enjoying the absinthe straight. 

Plum Palinka 

Fortification tested, Cartwright would likely drop back to a lighter drink and clean her palate with something sweet. Plum Palinka is a good choice and is made from the highest quality Hungarian sweet plums.


Cartwright’s last drink would be something light, refreshing and easy. A liqueur that comes to mind is Chareau. Made from a combination of aloe vera, cucumber, eau de vie, lemon peel, muskmelon, spearmint, sugar and water, Chareau offers the taste of warmth and comfort.

The liqueur is the brainchild of Kurt Charron, a Californian who named the drink after his great-grandparents Arthur Emile Charron and Florence Marie Favreau. 

Something about the idea of generational storytelling would appeal to Cartwright and remind her of why she’s been protecting her family for as long as she can remember. 

To find out more about Agnus Cartwright be sure to pick up a copy of the horror novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK.


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