7 Deadly Demons From Tales Of The Frontier

In the world of The Frontier, monsters are everywhere and travellers should take care on the road day and night. And as bad as some monsters are, there’s nothing quite as dangerous as the demons that are waiting in the darkness to prey upon humanity’s weaknesses and cause destruction.

Demons are among the most feared and chaotic supernatural entities on The Frontier and here’s seven of the deadliest demons to run like hell from.

1. Nukelavee

The sea is a dangerous place at the best of times and there are many creatures lurking in the depths. The Nukelavee is one of the most hideous beasts to encounter.

This sea demon has the appearance of a giant flayed horse with the torso of corpse stitched onto its back. Long, grasping arms help it glide through the water and reach out to yank sailors down to its lair.

The Nuckelavee is also a plague-spreader. The noxious fumes it secretes can bring famine and pestilence to seaside communities and if you thought you were safe on land, think again.

The demon can survive on land, due to a pair of lungs located on the underside of the ‘horse.’ On land, Nuckelavee gallop in bursts of speed to eviscerate their victims.

2. Aramu

We’re all prone to bad dreams and a creature straight out of a nightmare is the aramu. A shadowy demon, aramu feed on fear and nightmares, often visiting sleepers when they are at their most vulnerable.

There are even times when aramu are summoned specifically to take away bad dreams. This is a slippery slope, as once the aramu has been allowed to feed, it will consume positive dreams and take away hope.

Aramu kill slowly and victims are left as emaciated shells.

3. Vileg

Vileg are a type of evil spirit drawn to people who display violent tendencies. Once latched onto a host, vileg transform the body into an animal-like state. They change hosts into blood-sucking lycanthropes who have a taste for children.

Vileg will often roam The Frontier, posing as respectable people and try to charm new mothers to give up their children. If that fails, they will try to insinuate themselves into their target’s life and gain access to the infant so they can strike.

4. Brurow

When walking in the forest, take care to avoid brurow. A woodland demon, brurow are masculine in shape and have the power to command animals, cause hallucinations and bend nature to their will.

While not traditionally ‘evil,’ these demons are still a force to be reckoned with and become particularly violent when their homes are threatened. Some believe them to be servants of Hob, the god of nature.

5. Skelis

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that certainly rings true for Skelis. A feminine demon, Skelis prey on vanity and often appear as beautiful women appealing to the most prideful aspects of human nature.

For example, they can bewitch handsome men and enslave them into carrying out violent acts. Skelis may also promise women the opportunity to become beautiful by making sacrifices e.g. killing their partners or mutilating themselves.

6. Orcan

Revenge is a complicated feeling and there are entities that are fuelled by it and embody the sensation. Orcan are the personification of vengeance.

A humanoid demon with bat-like wings and blood-stained armour or clothing, orcan are thought to be the souls of warriors who died recklessly or unfulfilled in battle. They were cast out of The Underealm or chose to linger in the gap between worlds until their revenge was sated.

In some situations, orcan may be summoned to wreak vengeance by proxy. In this case, orcan are relentless and will hunt their target until their purpose is complete. Sometimes this can backfire and the person who originally summoned the demon may be killed if they try to interfere.

7. Dullahan

The Dullahan, or headless horseman, is a demon that rides the land on a ghostly steed and carries a whip made from the spines of its victims. A horrific creature, dullahan are known to be soul collectors and instruments of punishment.

It’s said the dullahan can open any gateway and door and that nowhere is safe to hide once it has your scent.

The creature has an infamous reputation among the monster and witch hunting Order of the Questers. Old stories tell that Questers risk being turned into dullahan if they stray from their righteous paths or fall into black magic.

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