Exploring The Elementi Witch Class

Witches rank among the most powerful beings on The Frontier and there are several types that have been categorised according to the Questers. One of the most potent classes of witch are elementi, magic wielders who have natural control over the elements and can bend intangible forces to their will.

Let’s explore elementi in further detail, along with a few subcategories.

Defining an elementi

According to Quester lore, elementi are characterised by raw power and their connection to specific elements e.g. fire, water, earth etc. This has led to the categorisation of specific subclasses such as pyromancers who control fire and aquamancers who have an affinity for water.

Even these subcategories have the potential to wield other elements, though they are generally focused on one specific form of magic and young witches often train in a specific class from an early age. This is certainly true for the Myra, a pyromancer clan who live in The Eyra Desert and the Belsons, aquamancers who rule over several outposts in Frithland Province.

There are cases when elementi are naturally gifted enough to wield all the forces of nature and cause great harm. This includes summoning great storms, causing earthquakes, wiping out entire villages etc and they are the most dangerous kind of witch.

The Cartwright clan have a history of producing pure elementi, which is one of many reasons why they are considered to be the most notorious witch family in the world.

Who are some notable elementi?

  • Agnus Cartwright: The matriarch of the Cartwright clan, Agnus has led her family for generations with her ruthlessness, intelligence and cunning. She also has the ability to control werewolves and impart the curse to others.
  • Salina Winchell: The current head of the Myra clan, Salina is a pragmatic woman who has no trouble adapting to any situation. She has no issue bartering and trading with humans and other creatures, as it fits with her nomadic lifestyle and the ways of her family.
  • Mad Myrtle: The previous head of the Myras, Mad Myrtle was an unstable pyromancer who embarked on a destructive path for many years and destroyed several villages and towns. She was finally stopped by The Hammer Of The Witches, Clay McNab.
  • Hellen Eslinger: The leader of the Belson clan, Hellen is a fanatical devotee to the goddess of water Sorani. She believes it’s her sworn duty to defend all of Sorani’s creations, from rivers and oceans to fish and whales. This has made her mistrustful of outsiders and anyone who doesn’t share the Belson view of protecting the waterways of the world.

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