Charting The Timeline Of The Frontier

A land of legends, gods and monsters, The Frontier has a history stretching back thousands of years and scholars of the world have debated tirelessly about timelines, facts and major events. 

Generally, historians have come to the conclusion that the timeline on The Frontier should be plotted into six major eras. With that said, here’s an overview of the history of The Frontier along with commentary on some key events.

How are years measured on The Frontier? 

When denoting the passing of time, The Frontier is broken up into a series of eras that contain between one thousand to three thousand years of history in between each block. 

There are currently six major eras that have been identified and each has been marked by a significant change in population or a world-shifting event.

The Eras of The Frontier

Numen era

The first era is the earliest recorded history of The Frontier and people believe that this was the time when the divinti walked the earth. It was a primordial time of chaos and the gods were born into shaping and mastering the land to their will.  

Gods such as Agneius fought against his fellow gods in a battle for power and ultimately won out to be able to take his place at the head of the pantheon and assume his position as lord of the Underealm and master of The Frontier.

Monstrium era

The second era was marked by the birth of the monsters through their mother Tenebria, who unleashed darkness upon the land. This was also a time when the other gods had started to become restless and sought out places beyond The Frontier to explore and create.

Agneius had been among the gods who’d left The Frontier to leave his mark in new places and upon finding his home infested with monsters, he banished Tenebria from the Underealm.

Kamuni era

The third era was marked by the arrival of the kamuni on The Frontier and is the first evidence of mortals living there. A civilisation of explorers, the kamuni found a way to live in a delicate harmony with the monsters and other wild things who’d been living on The Frontier for hundreds of years.

Cultiva era

The fourth era began when the first frontiersmen arrived on The Frontier looking to make a better life for themselves and to leave behind the dying landscape they’d come from.

This period was a time of great upheaval, with the frontiersmen battling against the kamuni in the first Uprising and slowly becoming the dominant form of life on The Frontier.

Lumium era 

The fifth era started with a mass exodus by the kamuni from The Frontier, with a vast majority of them returning to their original island home. Those who remained continued to fight a losing battle against the frontiersmen in the second Uprising and there were many stops and starts between peace and war.

The Lumium era also introduced a number of milestones in terms of major cities being developed, Provinces being carved out and true civilisation being brought to the land.

Industrium era 

The current and sixth era officially began with the invention of the rail network and a major rise in the number of technological advancements and scientific studies from intellectuals, inventors, scholars and politicians across The Frontier.

Magic and monsters are viewed as relics from the past and technology is the way of the future.

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