Guest Blog: Why There Should Be An Avengers Game

Over the past decade, superhero games have soared in popularity. The Batman Arkham series revolutionised combat for a new generation, while the most recent Spider-Man game offered a fresh take on the web-slinger and his supporting cast. But it could be argued there still hasn’t been a definitive Marvel game that focuses on the whole Marvel Universe. Rhys from Unknown Games has given his thoughts on how an Avengers game could work on future consoles.

This article is going to be about why I think there should be an Avengers game. Not including the animated games, we’ll go over what type of games Marvel should have out there and why I think there isn’t one already and what type of characters could feature in the game.

An open world game 

First, we need to understand the main reason why it hasn’t been made. It’s obvious it’s going to be hard to scale to size, which in an open world, might be difficult. Marvel has so many cities to choose from. The map would be too big with so many Marvel characters and cities. Imagine the scale of adding the PS4 Spider-Man New York city map with the Black Panther Wakanda map and Asgard.  I doubt it would be possible on the current gen consoles.

I think Marvel should have a non-open world game like DC Injustice. Marvel has a lot of stories to choose from or they could even write their own story for the game. It would be complicated to figure out how the characters would work.  It would be a great opportunity for Marvel to feature lesser known characters like Daken or the sons of Hulk, Skaar and Hiro-Kala.

Creating your own superhero team 

There’s so much to offer from a game like that. I could write a whole article on why there isn’t a standalone fighting genre game from Marvel. The DLC could be characters from Capcom, so they can put their focus on the Marvel characters and story.

I think there should have been a turn-based RPG or a game like Final Fantasy or Persona, where you can find different characters from around the Marvel Universe. For example, you could travel to the Savage Land to find Skaar, or you could go to the Negative Zone to find and recruit Annihilus.

You could choose whether you’re making a team of Avengers (good) or Dark Avengers (evil) and create your own character or choose from three different lists: heroes, villains and anti-heroes. If you pick anti-heroes you have to pick your own team name. There could even be secret areas where you find hidden characters. For example, you could find Beta Ray Bill on Planet Korbin. There’s so many ways this could be pulled off it’s remarkable how it hasn’t been done yet.

The only games Marvel has created are cartoon-based or crossover games.
There are a variety of ways Marvel could succeed but there isn’t a big game, which is a missed opportunity. I hope in the future Marvel will see sense and create a game for the next gen of consoles.

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  1. I’ve been playing the Spider-Man game and thinking about how a similar game could be done for the Avengers. I agree that it would need to be non-open world. I think the game would need to force the player into playing a particular Avenger as well so that the Avenger’s skillset fits the particular mission (and isn’t overpowered for it).

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