Comic Kitchen: Pete Wisdom

Everyone has unique eating habits and superheroes are no different. Comic Kitchen tells the story of a character’s diet and what kind of meals they enjoy. Pete Wisdom is man with a lot on his plate. As the head of the British secret service, Wisdom needs to balance his duty to Queen and country with his connection to the international superhero community. To do his job, Wisdom has to stay energised, which is why he’d have a menu that’s based around the best of British food.

Starter – Cheese On Toast And Black Coffee

Due to his line of work, Wisdom has a blunt approach to life. I picture him being a man of simple tastes, enjoying food that’s easy to make and quick to eat. Wisdom would start off his day with cheese on toast. It’s the kind of uncomplicated meal that can be whipped up in a few minutes. With his busy schedule, I could see Wisdom eating the toast in between getting dressed.

The cheese on toast would come with a strong black coffee and a pinch of sugar. If anyone asked Wisdom if he wanted more sugar, he’d bust out a line like ‘no thanks, mate. I’m sweet enough.’ I think a lot of people would assume Wisdom drank tea because of his Britishness. He’d take pleasure in reminding them of the stereotype and watching them squirm, saying something like ‘tea is for wankers.’

Main Course – English Fry Up

Being a spy is a stressful job and Wisdom strikes me as someone who winds down with a big meal. He’d love nothing more than a greasy English fry up to soak up all the alcohol he drinks. A British classic, the fry up is one of the most versatile meals in the world. The dish features beans, fried eggs, sausages and bacon covered in ketchup. Possible alternatives include hash browns, black pudding or fried mushrooms. All of the flavours come together for a dish that’s warm and wholesome.

Although I see Wisdom being a fast eater, he’d make an exception for a full English. I imagine him eating in a quiet pub where he can step away from the pressure of protecting Britain. He’d take his time to appreciate everything in front of him.

Dessert – Victoria Fruit Sponge

Wisdom mixes with royalty on a regular basis, so he’d show his national pride by eating a Victoria sponge cake. A quintessential English treat, the dessert was named after Queen Victoria. It was said the Queen liked to enjoy sponge cake with her afternoon tea. The recipe came about through the Victorian invention of baking powder, which allowed the sponge to rise higher.

A typical sponge is filled with strawberry jam and whipped cream. But I see Wisdom enjoying all types, especially the fruit sponge from the Vienna Coffee House in Manchester. The cake has a sweet, moist texture that melts on the tongue.

Be sure to check out this article I wrote about Wisdom’s backstory and discover what kind of superpowers he has.


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