Shadows At Dawn Gets Published In Saturnalia Anthology

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a published author, and I’m pleased to announce my latest short story Shadows At Dawn has been published by Hyperion and Theia. The story is part of an anthology called Volume One: Saturnalia, which is also the inaugural edition for the publisher. The anthology features several stories around otherworldly themes.

Earlier in the year, I promoted Shadows At Dawn on a local radio station and podcast, so it’s great to see the story finally available to the public. Shadows At Dawn can be described as a weird western that tells the story of the witch-hunting McNab family. Rueben and his father Clay belong to the Quester order and they’ve been tasked with hunting down the notorious Cartwright clan.

However, Rueben finds himself conflicted because he’s torn between his love for one of the clan and his duty to his father. Shadows At Dawn is a tale of family legacy, honour and following your own path. Sometimes, there are no good choices, there’s only the choice you can live with.

I was inspired to write the story by looking into the Malleus Maleficarum that was written as a ‘guide’ to witch-hunting. It helped me to form a picture of the Quester order and their belief system. I also took inspiration from Joseph Delaney’s The Spook series, but wanted to write for an adult audience.

The anthology also feature stories about the Herculaneum Scrolls revealing the role of ancient aliens, a demonic circus and a lone radio host trapped after the apocalypse. There’s an awesome variety of weird and unusual tales to choose from.

Volume One: Saturnalia is available as an eBook on Amazon for $2.99. You can also purchase it on other channels like Smashwords and Payhip. Printed copies will be available soon through Barnes & Noble.

Please consider purchasing it or sharing the news so up and coming writers can get their voices heard in the world. Every little bit helps.


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