Howling At The Moon: Lycanthropes Of The Frontier

Lycanthropes are a common sight on The Frontier, with werewolves being among the most feared monsters. Stories of men turning into beasts to satisfy their bloodlust is a story shared around fires and to frighten children into staying inside at night. However, not all werewolves are created equal and there are several species to be aware of when travelling the land.

Here’s an overview of the most prevalent lycanthropes of The Frontier.

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An Overview Of The Provinces In The Frontier

When it comes to defining the landscape of The Frontier, there’s a huge amount to explore and a good starting point is an overview of all the major provinces and some background on key locations within each area.

The Frontier is split into nine Provinces, which are broken down into smaller Territories and contain villages, towns and cities. Here are all nine of the Provinces:

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Nectar Of The Gods: Whisky Production And The Laws Of The Whisky Syndicate

Alcohol plays an important role across The Frontier, being one of the few things that connect people of all stations. A social lubricant, a hard earned reward at the end of a long day of toil, a commodity for the rich. Many faces for the same result and perhaps no form of alcohol is more revered on The Frontier than whisky.

Or, at least in the eyes of the Whisky Syndicate and the distillers who form the organisation. Read on to learn more about the group and what makes whisky such a sacred drink.

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The Pop Culture Playlist: Clay McNab

The Pop Culture Playlist tells the story of fictional characters through music, revealing motivations and personal choices. This edition focuses on Clay McNab from the Tales Of The Frontier series. An infamous witch hunter and complicated man, McNab has dedicated his life to exterminating the supernatural from The Frontier by any means necessary.

Here’s a list of tracks that describe the life of Clay McNab.

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Finding Your Path To The Good Life: Philosophy Of The Frontier

What’s the right way to live? That’s a question that’s asked by many people on The Frontier. Some turn to religion for the answers, others to politics. And then there are those who use philosophy as a way to guide them.

There are three main philosophical schools on The Frontier: Mottelism, Indifferentism and Dubism. Each philosophy is focused on finding a path to the good life and each relies on different methods to get there.

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Praying To The Divinti: The Gods Of The Frontier

Religion on The Frontier is as vast and complex as the landscape itself, broken down into different belief systems and dogmas. When it comes to everyday frontiersmen and women, the dominant religion is polytheism and the belief in several gods known as the divinti.  

Depending on the region, one of the divinti may hold more significance to the local population than others and here are all the major gods within the main Frontier pantheon:

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Magic, Mayhem and Intrigue: The Witch Clans Of The Frontier

Magic is a big part of The Frontier, a kind of raw, intangible energy that permeates the world and a faction who harnesses it to the fullest extent are the witch clans. Feared, respected and worshiped (by some) in equal measure, the witch clans of The Frontier have their own internal politics and systems that have been built on centuries of tradition.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the types of witches to be found in the world, a couple of clan examples and what the lore surrounding them is.

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Who Are The Questers?

In all the great fantasy worlds, there’s usually a few characters or groups that act as the gateway into the rest of a series. In Lord Of The Rings, it’s The Fellowship. In A Song Of Ice and Fire, it’s the Starks. In The Greatcoats by Sebastien De Castell, it’s Falcio Val Mond and the rest of the Greatcoats.

In the world of The Frontier, it’s the Questers and the struggle of Clay McNab, one of the Order’s most accomplished warriors and the protagonist of At The Dead Of Dusk.

This article is an introduction to the Questers and what they represent in the wider context of The Frontier.

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The Complete List Of Jericho Review: How To Journal Like A Wrestler And Lead An Unforgettable Life

In the world of professional wrestling, few have accomplished the level of longevity that Chris Jericho has. Over a career that’s spanned thirty years, Jericho has constantly reinvented himself and transcended wrestling. He’s a best-selling author, rockstar, podcast host, entrepreneur and all around awesome human being for his dedication to elevating the wrestling industry and his peers.

He’s also one hell of a journalier, as his latest book The Complete List Of Jericho: 30 Years Of Smashes, Matches & Hits shows. Compiling an incredible 2722 matches into a single book, The Complete List Of Jericho highlights all of Y2J’s wrestling matches and breaks down never before heard information from The GOAT himself.

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Content Contradictions, Best Selling Books And Questionable Advice With Copywriter Andrew Boulton

The life of a copywriter is often fraught with procrastination, lots of briefs, conflicting advice and the occasional spark of creative brilliance that keeps us all paid and functioning from day-to-day. Andrew Boulton is one such copywriter who’s seen his fair share in the industry and has plenty of war stories to tell.

The author of the insightful Copywriting Is, Boulton was kind enough to share his process on writing the best-selling book with The Comic Vault. He also discusses why he’d make a terrible writing mentor, why his book isn’t meant to be taken as the gospel of content marketing and how good writers will always be at the heart of a successful content marketing strategy. 

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