The Blood And Rage Of Bleez

There’s no doubt that Green Lantern is one of the most popular characters in comics. Yet the beauty of the DC Universe is there are many Corps who represent the complete emotional spectrum. For example, the Sinestro Corps represent fear, the Blue Lanterns represent hope and the Red Lanterns represent rage. Bleez, a prominent Red Lantern, has an interesting back story and there can never be enough powerful female characters in the spotlight.

Bleez comes from the planet of Havania and her species have large, angel like wings. As a princess of her planet, Bleez was known for her great beauty. It made her vain and she rejected many men who pursued her. Feeling humiliated, two of her suitors convinced a Sinestro Corpsman to seek her out. The Corpsman killed her mother, captured Bleez and took her to Ranx The Sentient City.


Bleez was raped and tortured by members of the Sinestro Corps and her wings were cut off. Eventually, she managed to escape during the Battle of Mogo, but the Sinestro Corpsman who captured her gave chase. Pushed to her limit, Bleez attracted the attention of a Red Lantern ring and she was inducted into the Corps. Her blood turned into burning plasma and she vomited onto the Corpsman’s face in a blind fury. During this transformation, the bones of her wings grew back to signify her new violent approach to life.

As a Red Lantern, Bleez acted like a feral animal, following the leadership of Atrocitus, who was the only Red to keep his mind. However, when Atrocitius feared he was losing direction, he decided to make Bleez his second in command and restored her senses. This proved to be a mistake, as Bleez led a revolt against him.


Since regaining her intelligence, Bleez has proven to be a cunning schemer. Yet her rage is understandable. She was abused and turned into a play thing by creatures who live to instil fear. Bleez was able to fight back against her captors and prove she isn’t to be underestimated.


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