Dark Horse Geralt Of Rivia Statue Review

The appeal of collecting memorabilia stems from passion, or something specific that resonates with the collector. I’ve always been someone who appreciates good craftsmanship. The amount of time that goes into sculpting a statue can be taken for granted. That’s why I’ll occasionally be reviewing products that I enjoy from a decorative stand point. I’m starting with the Geralt of Rivia statue I bought from Forbidden Planet in Manchester. This version was made by Dark House in collaboration with CD Projekt Red. The statue is around 20 cm and came in a window box.

What I love about the statue is the amount of detail that’s gone into it. Geralt’s armour has been moulded and painted in great depth, from the silver mail, to the buckles running across his body. Too often, the faces on figures look like they’re melting off, but that’s not the case here. Geralt’s face has the right amount of emotion, with the scars being a welcome addition. The paint is high-quality, with none of it peeling off or looking out of place. On closer inspection, Geralt’s wolf medallion still has a decent amount of detail, even though it’s quite small.


The best kind of art tells a story and that’s what I look for in anything I buy. Geralt is about to draw his silver sword, suggesting he’s ready to fight. It’s a badass pose that suits the White Wolf. After feeling the swords, I found they weren’t flimsy or cheap. They hold up well and I really like the detail on the silver sword scabbard.

Geralt is stood on cracked ground and it features The Witcher logo. It’s a nice touch that compliments the rest of the figure. Also, the statue is sturdy, so there’s less chance of it being damaged if it ever gets knocked over. At the price of £23.99, I got a bargain, especially when you consider how much other figures are.


If you appreciate great craftsmanship and The Witcher, then I’d recommend buying this Geralt of Rivia statue.

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