A Romani In America: The Story Of Gypsy Moth

Comics are filled with all manner of obscure characters, with many representing communities that aren’t featured as much as they could be. Sybil Dvorak is one of the few Romanians to receive attention. Having gone by the identities of Gypsy Moth and Skein, Dvorak is a character that has walked the line between crime and heroism. First introduced as an enemy of Spider-Woman, Gypsy Moth has a compelling background and interesting power set.

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Exploring The Concept Of Redemption With The Thunderbolts

The Marvel Universe is filled with superhero teams working together to make the world a better place. As popular as The Avengers are, I find myself drawn to teams that have more complex origins. The Thunderbolts started off as a group of villains who chose to become heroes. Created by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley, the Thunderbolts evolved into a revolving roster of characters employed by the government to carry out missions for a chance at redemption. The Comic Vault is looking into the history of the Thunderbolts to discover what makes them one of the most intriguing comic book teams.

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Why Songbird Needs To Be Recognised As An Important Superhero

Not every superhero starts off as a hero. Some characters need to find their own way, coming from a dark place before finding their way to the light. Songbird is a character that started off as a villain, but transitioned into a courageous team player, becoming leader of the Thunderbolts. Having come from a rough background, Songbird is an underrated, complex character that evolved into the best version of herself. But what are her origins and where did her change of heart come from?

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