5 Self-Made Comic Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You To Achieve Your Business Goals

Becoming a success in the business world can be tricky, especially when everyone is fighting to establish themselves in a similar market. The world of comics has its fair share of savvy business owners, such as Bruce Wayne and Warren Worthington. Yet they were born into their fortunes and had money to fall back on. Being a self-made entrepreneur takes determination, bravery, intelligence and a limitless sense of self-belief. But it is possible and here are five comic characters who earned their fortunes through hard work and never settling for anything less than what they’re worth.

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What Can Be Found Inside Batman’s Utility Belt?

Being a superhero can be tough, especially if you don’t have powers. Characters like Batman need to rely on their intellect and one of the Dark Knight’s defining costume features is his utility belt. The belt carries all of his crime-fighting tools and gadgets. The belt is made up of a strap and buckle with ten pouches or cylindric cartridges attached to the outside.

The belt has a history that’s as old as Batman, with artists adding to it over time. Originally, it was drawn as a simple yellow belt, but in 1986 Frank Miller incorporated militaristic pouches. But what exactly can be found inside the belt and how does Batman apply his gadgets? The Comic Vault is taking a look at the importance of the utility belt.

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Comichaus Launch New App To Help Promote Indie Comic Creators

It can be difficult for independent writers to publish their comics and for readers to find decent stories. In recent years, this has improved and Comichaus are looking to make it easier with the introduction of their new subscription app. Billed as ‘Netflix for indie comics’, Comichaus are looking to help the independent comic market thrive.

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Is Gamification The Only Game In Town?

Have you ever gone into Starbucks and ordered a coffee using your phone? Every time you made a purchase a golden star appeared or a progress bar showed how much you needed to level up to gain the next perk. If it sounds like you were playing a game it’s because you were. Starbucks is one of many brands who’ve tapped into the concept of gamification and used it to their advantage.

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The Chatbot Renaissance

In the past, chatbots have suffered from a bad reputation, often being associated with excessive spam and virus filled messaging. But things have now started to change, with a growing number of brands making the most of artificial intelligence and using chatbots to monetise their services.

But what is it about this new generation of chatbots that makes them so efficient and how can they be used to help businesses who are looking to amplify brand awareness?

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Find Friends In Lower Places With Micro-Influencers

We’ve all heard the expression bigger is better, but micro-influencers are showing why greatness comes from small things. What are micro-influencers, you ask? They’re everyday people with a passion who want to share it with others. To get more technical, micro-influencers are social media gurus with followers of anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 on Instagram. They are at the forefront of influencer marketing, with their recommendations making a difference to the right people. Brands use them to target a niche audience rather than casting a wide net with macro-influencers like celebrities.

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How Augmented Reality Is Taking Over The World

Since the introduction of Pokémon Go, the app has been downloaded over 75 million times across iOS and Android and earned the record of being most downloaded app during a launch week. The app owes its success to a mix of nostalgia, ease of use and addictive incentives, e.g. levelling up as you capture and evolve more Pokémon.

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