Looking Into Why Omega Red Is One Of Wolverine’s Greatest Enemies

In comics, it’s common for a hero to have a rogues gallery of villains who they fight on a regular basis. It could be argued that Batman has the most well-known rogues gallery, though Marvel characters have their own share of enemies. Wolverine’s rogues gallery contains a number of deadly villains, with one of the most prolific being Omega Red. A Russian serial killer turned into a remorseless cyborg, Omega Red is a villain that makes a vicious foe for anyone who comes across him.

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Cosplayer Interview: Likeassassin

Cosplaying is a wonderful method of expression and The Comic Vault specialises in promoting the benefits of cosplay and mental health. The latest interview features Likeassassin, a Witcher fan and cosplayer from Russia. Her dedication to portraying Triss Merigold is impressive and she talked to The Comic Vault about how cosplaying made her more confident and improved her sewing.

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