Riddle Me This: The Psychology Of The Riddler

Batman’s Rogue Gallery features some of the most intriguing villains to ever be created. From Ra’s Al Ghul to Mr Freeze, each foe represents a different aspect of the Dark Knight’s psyche. They test Batman and push him to be better superhero. When it comes to challenging Batman’s intelligence, The Riddler is the perfect foil. Obsessed with proving his superiority, Edward Nigma uses more than riddles to achieve his goals.

Riddler’s motivations make him fascinating as a solo villain and a supporting character to other rogues. I’m exploring the psychology behind his actions to see what makes him one of Batman’s deadliest enemies. Continue reading “Riddle Me This: The Psychology Of The Riddler”


Jess Smart Smiley Talks Fantasy Quest, Puzzles And The Magic Of Mystery Books

The great thing about comics is that there is so much opportunity for creativity and different variations. I’m interested in promoting as many diverse comic related stories as possible, which is why I’m pleased to present an interview with illustrator Jess Smart Smiley. Jess is promoting an all-ages graphic novel called Fantasy Quest that features puzzles and magic. He needs your help to fund Fantasy Quest through Kickstarter and he spoke to The Comic Vault about the story and what readers can expect.

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