Peace And War: An Examination Of Hawk And Dove’s Relevance In Modern Day Comics

When it comes to comics, certain identities like Superman are set in stone, as there is only one character associated with the name. Other identities are fluid, with different people taking on a superhero role. Two identities that have always fascinated me are Hawk and Dove, as they represent a divide between peace and war. Over the years, the identities have been used by a few characters, with the common theme being clashing ideologies that balance each other out. The Comic Vault is looking into the history of the identities to see if they still have any relevance in the modern day.

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Jainism And The Nature Of Pacifism With Indra

In recent years, the best thing that’s happened to comics is Marvel and DC are being more diverse with their characters. A great example of this is presenting a Pakistani Ms Marvel in Kamala Khan. Another interesting character is Indian mutant Paras Gavaskar. Taking the codename Indra after the Hindu God of war, Paras joined the X-Men to learn how to control his powers. A follower of Jainism, Paras’ faith played a role in his development.

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