How Wolfsbane Overcame Persecution And Became More In Touch With Her Religion

Growing up in a religious environment leaves a lasting impression, with people using religion as comfort or as justification. Believing in a higher power can provide a positive experience, but it can also become a prison. There are a variety of religious superheroes and Wolfsbane is a character that’s struggled with her faith. As a member of the X-Men, Rahne Sinclair’s mutant powers have conflicted with her religious beliefs. But over time she was able to reconcile who she was with what she believed in.

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A Romani In America: The Story Of Gypsy Moth

Comics are filled with all manner of obscure characters, with many representing communities that aren’t featured as much as they could be. Sybil Dvorak is one of the few Romanians to receive attention. Having gone by the identities of Gypsy Moth and Skein, Dvorak is a character that has walked the line between crime and heroism. First introduced as an enemy of Spider-Woman, Gypsy Moth has a compelling background and interesting power set.

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Green Squall Review

“I am -, I am buried. Here.”

An emphatic conclusion rounds off a collection that captures the beauty of nature and a persona able to find beauty in a world they’ve grown tired of. Jay Hopler’s Green Squall is some of the most impressive garden-centric poetry I’ve read.

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