Charting The Timeline Of The Frontier

A land of legends, gods and monsters, The Frontier has a history stretching back thousands of years and scholars of the world have debated tirelessly about timelines, facts and major events. 

Generally, historians have come to the conclusion that the timeline on The Frontier should be plotted into six major eras. With that said, here’s an overview of the history of The Frontier along with commentary on some key events.

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Being Better: Stoicism For A World Worth Living In Review: A Moving, Inspirational Read

Stoicism has touched the lives of many, and it continues to be shared across the world through podcasts, videos, comics and literature. The philosophy has been transformative in the lives of Kai Whiting and Leonidas Konstantakos, the authors of Being Better: Stoicism For A World Worth Living In. 

Through examining the lives and examples of people like Marcus Aurelius, Zeno and Sphaerus, Whiting and Konstantakos provide insight into how Stoicism can be interpreted today and why it’s more relevant than ever before.

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Guest Post: God of Many Avatars: Understanding Vishnu in Comics

Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.
For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
and for the establishment of righteousness,
I come into being age after age.
— Bhagavad Gita 4.7–8

What do The Elder Scrolls, Warhammer 40,000, and Marvel Comics all have in common? A certain many-armed Hindu god named Vishnu.

Given the superheroic duty of protecting all cosmic order, Vishnu is said to have 10 avatars, and over 1000 names. Appropriately, pop culture has only given Vishnu more faces and names. From appearing as himself in Marvel Comics, or serving as inspiration the warrior-poet god Vivec in The Elder Scrolls, and the terrifying Four-Armed Emperor of Warhammer 40,000, Vishnu’s fiery ethos and passion have made themselves as important to pop culture as any of the better-known Western deities and legends. Continue reading “Guest Post: God of Many Avatars: Understanding Vishnu in Comics”

Why Is Balder One Of The Most Relatable Asgardians?

Thor is one of the most recognisable Marvel characters, but the Asgardian pantheon contains some of the most diverse characters in the Marvel Universe. Balder, the God of Light, is an Asgardian who deserves more mainstream attention. One of Asgard’s most powerful warriors, Balder has helped Thor deal with a variety of threats against their home and his backstory is worth exploring in greater detail. Continue reading “Why Is Balder One Of The Most Relatable Asgardians?”

More Than A Little Mermaid: Ulla Paske And Her Identity As Denmark’s Superhero

Folklore is filled with all kinds of wonderous creatures, and one of the most-well known myths revolve around mermaids. From the malicious sirens of Greek mythology, to the gentle water spirits of Caribbean lore, stories of fish-tailed women can be traced throughout every culture. The story of the mermaid found its way into popular culture, thanks to Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and the Disney movie of the same name.

So, it should come as no surprise that mermaids have become a popular trope within the comics industry as well. DC’s Little Mermaid is a superhero that many comic fans might not be familiar with, but unlike the Disney version, the character wasn’t born a princess. Instead, Ulla Paske found herself trying to reconcile her surface upbringing with her underwater heritage. Continue reading “More Than A Little Mermaid: Ulla Paske And Her Identity As Denmark’s Superhero”

The Chaotic Nature Of Kami: Amatsu-Mikaboshi And Japanese Mythology

In terms of mythology, Japanese folklore makes up some of the most intriguing stories. Japanese religion is based around the kami, spirits that are linked to nature and embody different virtues. Kami are known to exhibit good and evil characteristics, with their nature being ambiguous. Marvel has always represented Japanese culture in a faithful way, which extends to the mythology. A character that represents the power of kami is Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Japanese god of darkness and one of the greatest threats to the Marvel Universe. Mikaboshi’s existence offers a window into the idea of chaos. Continue reading “The Chaotic Nature Of Kami: Amatsu-Mikaboshi And Japanese Mythology”

Analysing The Relationship Between Wolverine And Mariko Yashida

Wolverine has faced many challenges in his long life, but he’s also found love on several occasions. Logan has loved many women, with one of his most enduring relationships being with Mariko Yashida. Their relationship is essential to understanding who Wolverine is as a person because Mariko is a physical representation of his relationship with Japan. The Comic Vault is taking a look into the nature of their dynamic in order to see how Mariko inspired Wolverine to become a better version of himself.

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Corrido De La Sangre Review: A Haunting Tableau Of Mexican Folklore And Violence

Musicals have the power to connect with people, whether it be through song or the subject matter of the performance. Some musicals shine a light on the darker side of humanity, which is the case with Corrido de la Sangre, performed by the Tiger Lillies. The band, considered to be the innovators of Brechtian punk cabaret, are known for their macabre lyrics and content. The musical took place at HOME in Manchester, and here are my thoughts on what was a haunting performance.

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Artemis And The Art Of Being An Amazon

Comics have never lacked for kick ass women, with Wonder Woman being an example of feminine beauty and strength. But Diana isn’t the only Amazon to stand tall. Artemis of Bana-Mighdall is a character with a rich history. Born into a seperate tribe of Amazons who migrated to Egypt, Artemis has been a rival and friend to Diana, and she deserves to share the spotlight.

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