Guest Post: John Bryne’s Man Of Steel: The Ultimate Superman

By James Quinn

 Despite what the movies would have you believe, Superman has a lot of great stories in the comics that have not been adapted into film such as Superman: For All Seasons, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Superman: Red Son, and even All-Star Superman

However, as well-regarded as those stories are, many of the good Superman stories are stand-alone graphic novels and one-shots. Many of the best superhero characters have good runs: Frank Miller on Daredevil, Dennis O’Neil on the Question, Mike Grell on Green Arrow, Brian Azzorellow on Wonder Woman and many others. Most of the comic book discourse isn’t on the great Superman runs but merely the most famous story-arcs and changes to the lore. 

For this post, I would like to shine some light on what I would consider one of my favourite runs not only on the big blue boy scout, but for comics overall: John Bryne on Superman. 

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Looking Into Survivor Guilt With Snowbird And How She Overcame Her Mental Health Issues

When it comes to comic superheroines, fans are familiar with well-known characters like Wonder Woman and Black Widow because they’ve been part of popular stories. Yet there are so many other wonderful female characters out there to discover and one of the most underrated is Snowbird. A member of the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, Snowbird is a Inuit goddess with shapeshifting abilities and an interesting backstory.

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