Guest Post: Martin Manhunter And Immigration

One comic character I have grown to have a lot of respect for is the Martian Manhunter. While usually compared to Superman for their powers I think where the comparisons truly lie is in the topic of immigration. Superman was raised on Earth from infancy, never truly growing up as an alien. J’onn J’onzz meanwhile was born and raised on Mars with a job and was raising a family. In the Silver Age, Mars wasn’t yet a desolate wasteland and J’onn coming to Earth is more akin to going abroad.

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Chosen Review: A Chilling Tale About Identity And The Power Of Names

Names are a powerful symbol that provide a sense of identity, whether it’s to our purpose in life, or to how we connect with a loved one. But names can also be twisted into a way that forces identification through the eyes of another. The idea of being told who you are by someone else is a scary thought because it can be psychologically damaging. A sense of belonging, identity and the power of names are all major themes of Chosen. Written and directed by Christine Walsh, the play took place at The Brickworks in Manchester. The dark tale offered an insight into the mentality of cults and how people can be stripped of who they are piece by piece. I saw the show on the 5th May and here are my thoughts on an enjoyable performance.

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