The Sound Of Violence: Onomatopoeia And His Status As A Terrifying Villain

In the world of comics, there are plenty of iconic villains. Joker, Thanos, Doctor Doom, Darkseid. All of them have been established as characters that can destroy the world if given the chance. There are also villains who are content to stick to the shadows, carving out a quieter path to infamy. Onomatopoeia is one of those villains.

The character gets his name from imitating noises around him, like gunshots and dripping taps. On the page, the sound translated into speech bubble written in creepy font. Very little has been revealed about Onomatopoeia, with his face never being shown on panel. An enemy of Green Arrow and Batman, Onomatopoeia has a mystique that makes him scary as hell. Continue reading “The Sound Of Violence: Onomatopoeia And His Status As A Terrifying Villain”


Revealing The Dark Heart Of Gotham City And How It Makes Batman A Better Superhero

Batman is considered one of the greatest superheroes in the world and his relationship with Gotham City is an essential part of the character. Batman can be seen as an extension of Gotham, with his actions shaping his home as much as it shapes him. The city itself has a long history, with it drawing comparisons to New York and Chicago. Gotham is a place of corruption, darkness and desolation. But where does the name come from and how was it founded? The Comic Vault is taking a look into the seedy underbelly of arguably the most famous city in pop culture. Continue reading “Revealing The Dark Heart Of Gotham City And How It Makes Batman A Better Superhero”

The Pop Culture Playlist: Batman

Music and comics are two passions of mine, so I thought I’d combine them by introducing a new segment to the blog called The Pop Culture Playlist. Every so often I’ll be choosing one character and putting together a list of ten tracks that describe who they are, specific lyrics and why I’ve chosen each song. To begin, I’ll start with the incomparable Batman. Bruce Wayne has suffered and sacrificed a lot to become The Dark Knight, and here is a playlist that reflects his tireless crusade.

Continue reading “The Pop Culture Playlist: Batman”