TKO Studios Is Here To Transform The Comic Industry For The Better

In recent years, the comic industry has gone from strength to strength. From independent creators having the means to publish their work, to new platforms combining technology with comics, it’s a great time to be a pop culture fan. And one comic publisher in particular is keen to shake up the status quo even further. I’m talking about TKO Studios.

With an all-star cast of comic talent that includes writers like Garth Ennis and Jeff Lemire, TKO Studios is on a mission to revolutionise the comic industry. So, how are they planning to achieve this? Continue reading “TKO Studios Is Here To Transform The Comic Industry For The Better”

The Boys Review: A Dark, Hilarious Commentary On The Superhero Industrial Machine

In recent times, superheroes have evolved into the most lucrative film industry in the world. With Avengers: Endgame surpassing Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time, there is no doubt that studios will continue to churn out stories of epic confrontations between good and evil. People loving watching superheroes because they remind us that there is always a way to save the day.

But what if the heroes we looked up to weren’t so benevolent? What if they cared more about their status as celebrities? What If they were as fucked up and flawed as the rest of us? Those are the kind of questions that Amazon Prime’s The Boys looks to address. And the answers are fucking diabolical. Continue reading “The Boys Review: A Dark, Hilarious Commentary On The Superhero Industrial Machine”

Preacher: Book Three Review: Blood And Death On The Bayou

Garth Ennis’ Preacher series has made a name for itself by being one of the most blasphemous and violent stories in comic book history. Preacher: Book Three is no exception, as Jesse Custer goes on a psychedelic road trip to New Orleans. The Saint of Killers past is also explored and merges with the present to create a narrative that gives readers a complete picture of two foes locked into a game of cat and mouse.

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How The Saint Of Killers Represents The Violence Of The Wild West

Since discovering Garth Ennis’ Preacher series, I’ve been entertained by the themes of religion and violence. A stand out character is the Saint of Killers, a supernatural cowboy who doubles as the Angel of Death. Introduced as a villain, the Saint was dispatched by Heaven to track down Jesse Custer and kill him. But as the series progressed, he was revealed to be much more than just a one-note gunslinger.

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Preacher: Book One Review: A Brilliantly Blasphemous Story

Have you ever read a graphic novel that’s stuck with you because of its graphic content? That was the case for me with Preacher: Book One. Written by Garth Ennis, Preacher tells the story of a Texas Reverend called Jesse Custer, who acquires a divine power called ‘The Word of God’ that allows him to command people to do anything he wants. The series has been adapted for TV, and after watching the show it inspired me to read the comic. As good as the show is, the comic is so much better.

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