Comic Kitchen: Cullen Bloodstone

Brunch is one of the greatest inventions in the history of food. The combination of breakfast and lunch is a recipe for success, with various dishes bringing together the best of both worlds. Brunch can be a sacred ritual to some and a guilty pleasure to others, and for Cullen Bloodstone, brunch represents the latter. This edition of Comic Kitchen focuses on the eating habits of the youngest member of the Bloodstone family and examines why he’s a secret brunch lover. Continue reading “Comic Kitchen: Cullen Bloodstone”


Comic Kitchen: Gambit

Comic Kitchen is a series that combines food and superheroes together to create a menu based around a specific character. New Orleans is known for its eclectic cuisine and no hero represents The Big Easy’s reputation quite like Gambit. The Ragin’ Cajun is as free-spirited as they come, which means the kind of food he’d eat would have a plethora of different flavours. I’ve come up with a New Orleans inspired menu that brings the different cultures of NOLA together, while also showcasing Gambit’s love for life.

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Chew Volume 1: Taster’s Choice Review: Taking A Bite Out Of Crime (Literally)

Food and comics are two of my biggest interests, so I’m always looking for an excuse to combine the two together. It’s why I’m kicking myself for only recently discovering the Chew series created by John Layman. The series follows Tony Chu, a Food and Drugs Administration agent who solves crimes by getting psychic visions from the food he eats. His power puts him a variety of messed up situations that involve cannibalism, gun fights and murder all in an effort to uphold the law. Chew: Volume 1: Taster’s Choice introduces the character’s world and it’s one of the most original, entertaining stories I’ve ever read.

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Comic Kitchen: Batman

I wanted to combine my appreciation for food and comics together by introducing a new segment on The Comic Vault called Comic Kitchen. It features a three course meal plan for a comic character made up of a starter, main and dessert. For every meal I’ll explain why it reminds me of the character and why I think they would eat it. I’ll be including meals I’ve eaten, or recipes I’ve come across on the internet. The first character to be featured in Comic Kitchen is Batman, who’s likely eaten some of the finest dishes in the world. Batman’s complexity calls for a menu that has powerful flavours.

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