A Call To Foodies And Chefs To Collaborate On Comic Kitchen

If you’ve been reading The Comic Vault for a while, you’ll have noticed that I enjoy combining my passion for comics with food. This has given rise to a segment called Comic Kitchen which involves designing a three course menu around a specific comic character. The menu is tailored to the character’s personality, history and location. Comics are arguably the hottest thing in the world right now and Comic Kitchen was started out of a love for the medium.

Now, I’m interested in getting other people involved in the project as a way to promote unique dishes and cultural menus. I’m putting a call out to chefs, bakers, food bloggers and business owners.

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Chew: Vol 2: International Flavour Review: Give Me Chicken Or Give Me Death!

In recent years, there’s been an increasing number of comics that have focused on food, and it’s possible that the most well-known is John Layman’s Chew series. It follows the adventures of Tony Chu, an FDA agent capable of learning new skills from the food that he eats. I was blown away by the awesomness of the first volume, so it inspired me to pick up the next collection. Chew: Volume 2: International Flavour sees Chu on the hunt for a new type of food that’s sprouted up on a remote island. The graphic novel contains all the irreverent grossness and dark humour of the previous volume.

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STARVE Volume 1 Review: Exploring The Kitchen Warfare Of Celebrity Chef Shows

“Chefs are primal creatures. Always have been. When you see puffed up fools bellowing at their kitchen staff on the cooking shows, this is what I mean, so you tell me: isn’t a bit of intramural kicking far more sane than screaming obscenities at some hapless underling? You recall that one chef on TV who does that? About ready to pop an artery? And when he does and there’s a funeral, who’s going to show up? No one. Because he’s an asshole who shouts at his employees.” – Gavin Cruikshank

We live in a world where reality TV is a popular form of escape for many people, with it extending to the cooking industry as well. Celebrity chef programs are enjoyed by billions because of the competitiveness and the emotional trauma that it causes among the people involved. Some shows are just for fun, while others are designed to push chefs to the edge for the entertainment of the audience. Not only does that say a lot about society as a whole, but it forms a large part of STARVE: Volume 1. Created by Brian Woods, Danijel Zezelj and Dave Stewart, STARVE is about the world’s most famous chef, Gavin Cruikshank, who created a reality cooking show that turned into a morally corrupt arena for the wealthy to dine on illegal cuisine and bastardise the industry. The graphic novel contains a multitude of relatable themes that will appeal to chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

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Chew Volume 1: Taster’s Choice Review: Taking A Bite Out Of Crime (Literally)

Food and comics are two of my biggest interests, so I’m always looking for an excuse to combine the two together. It’s why I’m kicking myself for only recently discovering the Chew series created by John Layman. The series follows Tony Chu, a Food and Drugs Administration agent who solves crimes by getting psychic visions from the food he eats. His power puts him a variety of messed up situations that involve cannibalism, gun fights and murder all in an effort to uphold the law. Chew: Volume 1: Taster’s Choice introduces the character’s world and it’s one of the most original, entertaining stories I’ve ever read.

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4 Male Comic Chefs Who Can Cook Sensational Food

As a writer, I’m always looking to combine my interests together and after reading a local restaurant and culture magazine by Manchester Finest, it’s inspired me to write about comics and food. Everyone loves food. It brings people together, gives them the opportunity to discover new meals and step outside their comfort zone. Superheroes and supervillains need to eat as well and there are plenty of characters who are sensational chefs. With that said, here are four of the most talented male comic chefs.

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