Guest Post: Revenge Of The Blerds

My Name is Rob and I’m black. I’m a nerd. I’m a blerd. Now that I’ve declared my tribe let me explain. I’ve always had an interested in pop culture paraphernalia over sports. I’ve been more easily attached to watching cartoons and reading comics over throwing a football or dunking a basketball. And, for the longest time, I’ve been hit with this idea that “black kids don’t do that” – the crux of the Unofficially Black Podcast.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve suppressed my joy in geeky, nerd things to be cool. Being the cool guy mattered more to me that just enjoying what I liked. So those earlier declarations we’re a source of pride or even acknowledgment – it was a thing about me. Not until becoming an adult and recovering from corporate conditioning acting in a persona did I realise that I should just be myself and I’d have deeper, more fulfilling relationships. We all crave acceptance and be a part of something. To find our tribe. Continue reading “Guest Post: Revenge Of The Blerds”


Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book One Review: Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

As a superhero of colour, Black Panther is one of the most significant characters in the Marvel Universe. In anticipation for the film, I decided to learn more about T’Challa and his world by buying Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book One. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze, the graphic novel features T’Challa trying to keep his kingdom from falling apart. Wakanda has lost faith in its king and rebel factions are looking to take control of the people and usurp Black Panther’s position. The graphic novel features themes of political anger, race and identity, which makes it a relevant story for today’s political climate.

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