Comic Kitchen: Captain America

Comic Kitchen is a segment that prepares a three course menu around a pop culture character. This edition is a special one because it marks the first time I’ve collaborated with another blogger to bring a menu to life. I worked with Manchester based Rosaleen Marmion, who runs a lifestyle and parenting website. Together we came up with a three-course meal for Captain America. Given that Cap is a supersoldier, I decided on a high protein and carb based menu. The overall theme taps into Steve Rogers’ story as a kid from New York who grew up to be one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

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What Makes Captain America The Heart Of The Avengers?

The Avengers are one of the most important superhero teams in the world, with each member fulfilling a specific purpose. Thor provides the strength, Iron Man provides financial backing and scientific expertise. Yet the team wouldn’t be the same without Captain America. Some people might consider the character bland compared to other superheroes, but in my opinion Steve Rogers represents more than having a cool set of powers. The Comic Vault is examining what Captain America represents and how he can be an inspiration to the people around him.

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Southern Bastards: Here Was A Man Review: A Big Stick To Swing

The American South has often been associated with intolerance, rednecks and violence. While stereotyping isn’t something to be proud of, it can be interesting to explore in literature. Jason Aaron’s and Jason Latour’s Southern Bastards: Here Was A Man takes a look at a small town in Alabama and explores themes of racism, loneliness and family legacy. The creative team’s American South is a place you can love, hate, miss and fear all at once. Nothing is held back in this graphic novel, with Aaron and Latour going full country.

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