Magneto Marvel Now! ARTFX+ Statue Review

Giving a property some personality is important because it helps it feel more like a home. Personal flair provides a sense of identity, which is why I enjoy collecting decorative statues of my favourite characters. The latest one I’ve purchased is the Magneto Marvel Now! ARTFX+ statue. The statue was crafted by Junnosuke Abe in collaboration with the Japanese figure company Kotobukiya. Here are my thoughts on whether it lives up to the Master of Magnetism’s infamous reputation.

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Heartbreak Quadrant: Phase One Review: Space Travel And Strong Female Leads

The sci-fi genre provides endless possibilities, from time travel to galaxy exploration. But some sci-fi stories get too caught up in trying to explain the mechanics of the world. They forget about the people and leave them as empty as the space that surrounds them. Barrett Stanley’s Heartbreak Quadrant: Phase One isn’t one of those stories. The comic follows two antique dealers called Ida and Kumi as they navigate a galaxy filled with smugglers, space pirates and their own fears. Stanley sent a copy of Heartbreak Quadrant: Phase One to The Comic Vault in exchange for an honest review.

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Moon Knight: From The Dead Review: Only Lunatics Come Out At Night

Discovering a new character is exciting because you’re exposed to something you’ve never experienced before. This was the case for me when I read Moon Knight: From The Dead by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. I’d heard of the character before, but all I knew about him was that he was tied to Egyptian mythology and people thought he was crazy. I had no idea what to expect when I read the graphic novel and here are my thoughts on Moon Knight and his world.

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The Pale Review: Birds Of A Feather Are Damned Together

Birds symbolise a variety of things, from the freedom of the sky, to a young person asserting their independence. Birds play a big part in Sanders and Jay Fabares’ The Pale, which sees avian enthusiast Franklin ‘Fink’ Ink confront his past in the Arizona desert. Ink also works for the FBI as a linguist and it puts him into contact with the sheriff of a small town. But Fink is hiding something crucial about himself that could make or break the case. The Comic Vault was sent The Pale #1 and #2 in exchange for an honest review.

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Why The Birds Of Prey Are A Symbol Of Female Empowerment

There are many memorable teams in comics, with The Avengers and the Justice League being the most famous. Other teams aren’t as well-known, and The Comic Vault will be looking into the history of different superhero and supervillain factions. The Birds of Prey are an all-female team who fight crime. They consist of Oracle/Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk.

The group started in 1995, with Chuck Dixon’s one shot Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey. At the time, Barbara Gordon was operating as Batgirl and Dinah Lance provided a great counterpoint. She was written as passionate and idealistic, which contrasted with Batgirl’s precise detective skills. Gail Simone was responsible for bringing the team to the next level when she introduced Huntress in 2003. Lady Blackhawk joined as well and the Birds of Prey are more than the sum of their parts, with each member bringing something different to the team.

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4 Green Lanterns With Incredible Willpower

The Green Lantern Corps have a reputation for being courageous, driven protectors of the universe. Hal Jordan is considered the most well-known, being the most widely adapted Green Lantern. But the Corps are bigger than one person and there are plenty of great characters who’ve served. Here are four Green Lanterns who’ve displayed their strength, heroism and willpower.

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Who Is Batman’s True Love?

Batman is one of the most dedicated superheroes in the history of comics. But his eternal war against crime has left him unable to form a lasting relationship. Bruce Wayne has never lacked for romantic attention, with women like Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman being in his life. Every woman represents a different aspect of Batman’s personality, but who is his true love? The Comic Vault is looking into the history of the Dark Knight’s love life to determine who could give him the happiness he needs.

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