700 Followers And The Pursuit Of A New Passion

It’s become customary for me to chart milestones on The Comic Vault and I’m happy to say I’ve reached another one with 700 followers! It came around a lot quicker than I expected, but all I can say is that I’m grateful for everyone who continues to read, like and comment on my articles. If anyone finds comfort in my words, or is able to learn something new about the comic industry then I’d say that I’m doing my job. To mark this new milestone, it’s inspired me to pursue another one of my passions with a seperate blog.

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6 Reasons Why Stephanie Brown Should Reclaim The Batgirl Mantle

A superhero identity can be passed down to different people and a good example of that is Batgirl. Originally, Barbara Gordon wore the costume until she passed it on to Cassandra Cain. Cain’s successor became Stephanie Brown and she was the most recent Batgirl until the DC Universe reboot. These days, Barbara is Batgirl, but I believe Stephanie Brown should be allowed to reclaim the mantle and here are six reasons why.

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Red Hood ARTFX+ Statue Review

Everyone has a personal style when it comes to decorating and I’ve continued to add to my collection of pop culture figures with the Red Hood ARTFX+ statue. Based on the New 52 version of the character, the statue has been designed by Kotobukiya. I bought the statue from Amazon for £79.45 on December 31st 2017. The delivery was quick as well. It stands at 7 inches and comes with a black platform. The statue is highly decorative and renders the Red Hood in great detail. I was very happy with the purchase, so here is a full review of the product.

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5 Unconventional Comic Couples Who Prove The Power Of Love

Being in a relationship where you you can share everything with someone is an amazing feeling, and people come together in different ways. In society, couples with height differences seem to stand out, especially if the woman is taller than the man. Some people might consider it strange, as the traditional relationship is seen as the man being taller than the woman. But loving someone goes beyond physical appearance and there are plenty of comic couples who break the traditional mould. The Comic Vault is looking into five unconventional comic couples.

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The Comic Vault Is Nominated For A Second Mystery Blogger Award

It was around this time last year that I started writing on The Comic Vault and it was awarded a Mystery Blogger Award. A year later, I’ve been nominated again, which is a great reminder of people enjoying what I write. It’s always good to get recognition for something you’re passionate about and this year I’ve been nominated by kingdylbagblog. Dylan is quite new to the blogging world, but he’s already off to a great start by writing about his appreciation for books and anime. You should definitely check out his blog.

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The Essential Reading List: Red Hood

Being able to read about your favourite characters in stories that you connect with is an amazing feeling. Seeing how a character has developed over the years can help you learn more about them, and reading guides help. The Comic Vault is presenting a new feature called The Essential Reading List, which includes the important stories that a comic character has been a part of. I’m kicking it off with my favourite character, Red Hood. Jason Todd has come a long way and he’s been at the centre of several iconic Batman stories. Continue reading “The Essential Reading List: Red Hood”

The Role Of The Samurai In Contemporary Comics

Japanese culture has been popular in the west for years, with anime being woven into the fabric of pop culture. Westerners also visit Japan to learn about the country’s history and the samurai are an important part of it. The traditional view of samurai are noble, honourable warriors who dedicated their lives to a singular cause. It’s no surprise that samurai have been featured in comics. But how are they portrayed? Do mainstream comics like Marvel and DC remain faithful to what samurai stood for? The Comic Vault is looking into the history of samurai in comics and the kind of characters that are associated with the image.

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