Magic, Mayhem and Intrigue: The Witch Clans Of The Frontier

Magic is a big part of The Frontier, a kind of raw, intangible energy that permeates the world and a faction who harnesses it to the fullest extent are the witch clans. Feared, respected and worshiped (by some) in equal measure, the witch clans of The Frontier have their own internal politics and systems that have been built on centuries of tradition.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the types of witches to be found in the world, a couple of clan examples and what the lore surrounding them is.

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Who Are The Questers?

In all the great fantasy worlds, there’s usually a few characters or groups that act as the gateway into the rest of a series. In Lord Of The Rings, it’s The Fellowship. In A Song Of Ice and Fire, it’s the Starks. In The Greatcoats by Sebastien De Castell, it’s Falcio Val Mond and the rest of the Greatcoats.

In the world of The Frontier, it’s the Questers and the struggle of Clay McNab, one of the Order’s most accomplished warriors and the protagonist of At The Dead Of Dusk.

This article is an introduction to the Questers and what they represent in the wider context of The Frontier.

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At The Dead Of Dusk: Welcome To The World Of The Frontier

I’ve always been in awe of writers who can create new worlds and make all the characters within them sound as if they’re living and breathing. It’s something I’m drawn to in my own writing and I’m excited to announce that with the release of my debut novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK, I’ve launched Tales Of The Frontier, a weird western world of monsters, witches and legendary gunslingers.

Read on to find out more about AT THE DEAD OF DUSK and what exactly The Frontier is.

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5 Powerful Journaling Lessons I Learned From Chris Jericho’s The Complete List Of Jericho

There’s a lot to love about journaling. It’s therapeutic, helps to reflect on thoughts, provides a space to zone out and creates the opportunity for self-growth through interrogating who you are and who you want to be. 

I enjoy journaling for the positive mental health benefits it provides and when it comes to looking at how other people journal, I get really geeky about the process and seeing what practices can be used in my own routine.

With that said, I’ve learned some valuable journaling lessons from pro wrestler Chris Jericho after reading The Complete List Of Jericho. In the book, Jericho records an incredible 2722 wrestling matches and it inspired me to think about my own journaling techniques. 

Here are five key lessons on journaling I’ve taken away from Chris Jericho. 

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Guest Post: John Bryne’s Man Of Steel: The Ultimate Superman

By James Quinn

 Despite what the movies would have you believe, Superman has a lot of great stories in the comics that have not been adapted into film such as Superman: For All Seasons, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Superman: Red Son, and even All-Star Superman

However, as well-regarded as those stories are, many of the good Superman stories are stand-alone graphic novels and one-shots. Many of the best superhero characters have good runs: Frank Miller on Daredevil, Dennis O’Neil on the Question, Mike Grell on Green Arrow, Brian Azzorellow on Wonder Woman and many others. Most of the comic book discourse isn’t on the great Superman runs but merely the most famous story-arcs and changes to the lore. 

For this post, I would like to shine some light on what I would consider one of my favourite runs not only on the big blue boy scout, but for comics overall: John Bryne on Superman. 

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5 Awesome Superhero Athleisure Recommendations From I Am Superhero

When it comes to developing a positive mental health routine, superheroes are an epic source of inspiration and when viewed through the lens of fitness, they are powerful symbols for attaining your training goals and embodying physical resilience. 

So, it’s always great to see brands like I Am Superhero combining fitness and superheroes together with their range of comic-themed athleisure and here are five product recommendations for superhero fitness fans.

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Why The Aurelius Foundation Is On A Mission To Inspire A New Generation Of Stoics

When it comes to philosophy, Stoicism has some of the most interesting lessons to teach in terms of how to live life to the fullest. Founded on the four principles of justice, courage, wisdom and temperance, there’s a thriving worldwide community of Stoics who’re doing their best to live up to the ideals set out by people like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus.

One such organisation that’s championing Stoicism in the modern day is the Aurelius Foundation. Based in London, The Aurelius Foundation is helping to inspire a new generation of Stoics and their story is worth hearing.

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Deepening My Understanding Of Stoicism With The Stoa App

Falling down the rabbit hole of Stoicism has been an intriguing journey into a philosophical practice that’s contributing towards the development of a positive mental health routine for myself.

In my hunt to discover new resources about Stoicism I came across the Stoa app, which has plenty of insightful content for people who’re new to the philosophy and for those who’ve been practicing it for years.

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4 Superheroes Who Embody Stoicism

Life’s unpredictability isn’t something we can plan for. It takes us by surprise. It blindsides us. It throws up everything we thought we understood about ourselves and smashes it to pieces, and it’s often in those moments where we come to see our true measure and develop the ability to endure. 

Endurance is at the heart of Stoicism, the philosophy popularised by men like Zeno and Seneca, a philosophy with many practical applications in the modern day, a concept channeled through superheroes who’ve inspired generations of comic fans and readers.

With that said, here are four superheroes that embody the Stoic principles of justice, courage, wisdom and temperance.

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5 Tips For Writing A Spine-Chilling Horror Short Story

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions to feel. It’s visceral and primal, a kind of bone deep feeling that spreads throughout the entire body and instilling fear on the page is what horror authors strive for. 

If you’re a writer who wants to break into the horror genre, then short stories are an excellent medium for cutting your teeth. They are fertile ground for tapping into feelings of dread and unease, hooking readers into a spine-chilling narrative from the first sentence.

With that in mind, here are five tips for writing a short story that falls into the horror genre.

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